Sun Nan at the Mid Autumn Festival reunion wandering the world chat console (video)-winbook

Sun Nan at the Mid Autumn Festival reunion chat Wei world wanderer Sun Nan (save) ten anniversary concert Tencent Warner entertainment news as one of the most representative of the mainland singer, in the Mid Autumn Festival evening show natural and ultimately the figure of Sun Nan, a positive healthy image and perfect song. Let him become a large party will be invited the guests. In this year’s Mid Autumn Festival night, Sun Nan is also to run around in CCTV and Hunan TV Festival party, singing songs, chat comfort of wandering workers. A rare reunion with song time rolls on send Trinidad Acacia for drifting away from home, home is "home" is synonymous with the most warm attachment care, is missing and sad haunting tryin. During the festive season; Mid Autumn Festival moon is affecting the wanderer emotions homesickness. In this year’s broadcast of CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party, specially for the people of Sun Nan failed to mid autumn festival with the family reunion, sent a "moon Trinidad send", "people across thousands of miles away have a leisurely, not sorrow, please remember the moon." He expressed warm hot, delicate fullness to the wanderer of his family’s thoughts of love through voice transmission. In the Hunan TV Festival party, Sun Nan was given a finale concert "home of the cloud", it is to open the "star – cooperation" mode, through the "sing" cooperation platform, from the global Chinese selection of four Chinese friends with Sun Nan to attend the concert. Sun Nan playing loud voice, singing "come back, come back oh, stop wandering", with lyrics similar experiences and through layers of selection of good voice to other global audience feelings. Small family reunion reunion in everyone asked about her and the night of the Mid Autumn Festival is a family reunion to feel, Sun Nan said he chose to accompany the audience with a little power to convey their voice, to give those who cannot have a family reunion tour are some comfort and warmth. In the "cloud in hometown" and four amateur friends after the end of cooperation, Sun Nan is also no star shelf with their photo taken, and climb about their performance because the show for many years without family history and the new year’s Eve, also encourage those outside of the students should be a force of homesickness, and strive to complete their studies do not disappoint family expectations; the body in the field every day to give the home a greeting; heart together; and Sun Nan in the background with the staff sharing cakes, with everyone happy.相关的主题文章: