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Sun Zhongshan’s 150 anniversary of the birth of the Nanjing almost changed the name of Zhongshan City, Gaoyou is a well-known collection of enthusiasts in Yangzhou, a collection of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s favorite old newspapers for many years. Today is the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan. Yesterday, Zhu Junhua collected from the home of the old newspaper, finishing a lot of reports about Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s old newspaper, a large number of content to restore Mr. Sun Zhongshan before and after the death of some little-known details. Yangzi Evening News correspondent Liu Qiding media reporter Chen Yong collectors bought March 1925 old newspaper Zhu Junhua is my province famous collection, collection of newspapers for 26 years. Zhu Junhua, in the summer nine years ago, a friend of his business in Beijing Panjiayuan flea market, into a number of old before the founding of the newspaper files, including a Book of March 1925 Beijing "Shun" magazine, the newspaper is just this month Mr Sun Zhongshan went to the December issue of the world. Zhu Junhua listened to the friend’s introduction, did not hesitate to take out a lot of money to buy down. The news this month what March 12th: Sun Zhongshan’s disease has received a newspaper on the verge of death or destruction, about Mr Sun Zhongshan’s message is very much, especially from March 1st to 12, the newspaper published every day, Mr. Sun Zhongshan in the last days of the disease in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. For example, in March 12th introduced yesterday (March 11th, a day before the death of Sun Zhongshan’s disease) with the headline "Sun Zhongshan’s disease has been on the verge of death or destruction", two were "not eating: pulse surge" and "injection" drive cancer liquid "after", so, we all know that Zhongshan’s life has come to the end of the. March 12th report: Mr. Sun Zhongshan through March 12, 1925 at 9:30 in the morning, a great man Sun Zhongshan left his hands in the Republic of china. The day of the "Shun" at the fastest speed of issuing an extra, extra headline is "Mr. Sun Zhongshan through the ages". Second days of "Shun newspaper" with multiple pages in detail all sorts of cases after the death of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, especially the second version, a commemorative collection value. The upper part of the version is Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s portrait, the first headline is "Republic fathers Sun Zhongshan died, another theory –" respect "(dià O, with hanging) Mr. Sun Zhongshan", "Zhongshan and the purple with immortal, eleven days of Zhongshan signed the wills" etc.. March 14th: the meeting, on the south of Beijing renamed the reporter noted that in March 14, 1925 the "Shun newspaper", and "for Sun Zhongshan to leave a permanent memorial, Nanjing city for the proposed change in the mountain city" report. Reported that "Sun Zhongshan will, buried in Nanjing Zijin Mountain and so on, have been reported to records yesterday. I smell the KMT Beijing City, last night (twelve days) to a meeting, in the Republic of China, sun Shigong should leave Memorial, whereof the vertical bes, when deciding two items: (a) buried in Zhongshan Zijin Mountain, the mountain city of Nanjing City renamed, (two) the Central Park in Beijing, renamed Zhongshan Park, a bronze statue of Mr. sun. The two resolution, when positive cloud." .相关的主题文章: