Super battleship, the postal savings bank landed on the Hong Kong stock net fund-raising HK $56 bill jslottery

Super battleship, the postal savings bank landed on the Hong Kong stock net fund-raising HK $56 billion 627 million Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! September 28th – reporter Chen Yingying, the large state-owned bank last "super battleship" — Chinese postal savings bank (referred to as the postal savings bank) H-share listing. It is reported that the price of H-shares of Postal Savings Bank of HK $4.76 shares, deducting underwriting commissions and other expenses, in the over allotment option is not exercised, the postal savings bank net proceeds of approximately $56 billion 627 million, becoming the world’s largest IPO this year. The postal savings bank chairman Li Guohua of China Securities Journal said, listed in Hong Kong is the postal savings bank to complete the reform roadmap the most important step, is an important step towards the internationalization and the capital market, through integration into the international capital market, continue to improve the corporate governance level and comprehensive competitive strength. Li Guohua said, the future will be based on the postal savings bank to supplement the capital needs, development needs, the opinions of the shareholders to make dividend payout arrangements, not less than 10%. In the aspect of future development initiatives, the postal savings bank governor Lv Jiajin pointed out that the postal savings bank will actively open up new business areas, a comprehensive upgrade of "Internet Financial Services Platform Online + offline ‘unique, and continuously improve operational efficiency, continue to strengthen the risk and capital management capabilities, adhere to the science and technology leading strategy, comprehensively promote the talent force strategy." According to the deputy director of the National Social Security Fund Council Chairman Wang Zhongmin said, after the postal savings bank will be listed according to the actual issuance of shares allocated to the social security fund 10%. On the first day of the good performance of China Securities News reporter learned that the postal savings bank, the scale of IPO, also in 2010 the Agricultural Bank of China IPO, the world’s largest financial stocks IPO. In September 28th, the postal savings bank opened at HK $4.76 per share, after the maintenance of shares at HK $4.77. Li Guohua said that the stock price can be maintained in the 4.76-4.77 Hong Kong dollar shares have been good. After a number of banks listed in Hong Kong are almost on the first day of the "break". According to informed sources, as the last IPO of the state-owned big firms, the postal savings bank H shares over allotment option (also known as the "green shoe") will be used, the maximum guarantee smooth operation of the early market valuation. It is understood that the postal savings bank of the global offering 12 billion 106 million 588 thousand H shares, including 95% shares to issue according to the international offering, 5% of the shares for the Hongkong public offering. The Hongkong public offering, the postal savings bank received a total of 30990 valid applications, namely to subscribe for 1 billion 575 million 443 thousand shares, equivalent to the Hongkong public offering under the initial subscription about 2.6 of the total number of times. The international placing, the postal savings bank to offer shares placees allot the final number of 11 billion 501 million 258 thousand shares, equivalent to 95% of the total number of shares in the global offering (before the exercise of the over allotment option). International offering has been over 1 billion 815 million 988 thousand shares. Analysis of a number of brokerage analysts相关的主题文章: