Sweet sweet birthday with her feet Li Xiaolu emotion grow up-aquaria

Sweet sweet birthday with her mother Li Xiaolu with emotion: the sweet and fragrant feet and Li Xiaolu October 23rd is sweet sweet 4 birthday up early in the morning Jia Nailiang update micro-blog for her daughter birthday, he wrote "her daughter, Happy birthday, happy forever, you are the most beautiful and the most lovely in my heart good boa, also thank you for your blessing, sweet and I said a birthday gift to Xinren hamster, you also really walk, offbeat, buy". He also drying out a few sweet sweet Zhang Meng photos, photo by holding a sweet sweet face with a sweet smile, long eyelashes very qiangjing. Sweet sweet Li Xiaolu then also issued a document to daughter Happy birthday, said last night to give the sweet sweet hot foot foot bath water temperature and fan is connected to the cold water, with its feet. The scene can not help but Li Xiaolu said: "the chicks grow up, like a blink of an eye……" In this regard, netizens have said: "Mom and dad photos is not the same", "small sweet hope is always very sensible jacket" and "back to childhood, warm, sweet and fragrant EQ has always been very high, it is really sensible and kind".相关的主题文章: