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Take care of the marine ecological protection Sansha science Yongle Longdong – Beijing Beijing Sansha on 30 September, (reporter Wang Ziqian) recently launched three Shashi Yongle Longdong ecological protection special investigation, through expert report, exchange and discussion, field research and other forms of in-depth study to the protection of. Sansha Municipal Committee, mayor Xiao Jie said the evening of 29, the city will take care of the good ecological environment, let the beauty of the permanent flow Sansha Yongle cave deposit. Located between the three Shashi Drummond island and stone island "Yongle cave", was confirmed as the world’s most deep ocean blue hole, is an extremely unique marine landforms, rare and fragile. "Sansha municipal government and the fishermen have attached great importance to the protection of the ecological environment, the marine ecological environment and a good surrounding Yongle cave." Sansha municipal government adviser, director of the Institute of Sansha track coral reef protection Fu Liang said, different from the Yongle cave near the coast of the blue hole, the need to attach great importance to ecological fragile ecological environment protection. He suggested to install monitoring equipment in the cave near the sea, to control the number of ships and import time; Longdong ecological environment and geological environment is complex, need to invite experts to study the protection scope and depth on specific point, and can be carried out for the cave inscription of the preparation work; strengthen the leadership and control on scientific investigation, is strictly prohibited the use of methods and equipment failure; tourism development planning on high starting point and high standard, to avoid direct contact with the tourists and coral reefs. "Blue hole is called the earth to retain the final secret of human heritage, the protection of the marine ecological environment and the existence of Yongle cave has been inseparable from the countries and three shashi." Xiao Jie said, to protect the Yongle cave is an important and urgent work three Shashi, local government and relevant aspects of the formation of consensus in the scientific research on the protection of Longdong, more specific measures. Xiao Jie said, three Shashi to clear all levels and all departments and Yongle neighborhood committee and responsibility, will protect into their daily work category; continue to strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutes, experts and enthusiasts who focus on the wisdom and strength of environmental protection; to further improve the relevant provisions of the Yongle cave management and protection, to the public, making township convenances, mobilize residents to participate in the protection, through the system to protect the implement; to plan scientific conservation projects, to seek and then move, and strengthen ecological protection operability; in the "Yongle cave" protection, regulatory and other aspects with image thinking and awareness of node. (end)相关的主题文章: