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Take the high-speed railway from Beijing to Xinjiang to eat melon in 2017 or may realize – Beijing, new network reporter Li Jinlei photo " src=" 20160920; 2016920144555.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" Urumchi Railway Station. Beijing News reporter Li Jinlei photo " > Urumchi Railway Station. In new network reporter Li Jinlei photo Beijing, September 20 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Li Jinlei) from the Beijing High Speed Rail ride go by like the wind to travel to Xinjiang, this picture may become a reality next year. Urumqi Railway Bureau Chief Engineer Pan Xinxian 20, told reporters Beijing, Lanzhou high-speed rail (Lanzhou – Urumqi) has not yet connected to the national high-speed rail network, mainly BOLN (Baoji to Lanzhou) during this period of high-speed railway is still under construction. Railway Corporation in accordance with the construction plan, BOLN high-speed rail is expected to open to traffic in 2017 November, after the opening of new high-speed LAN can be connected to the national rail network, and High Speed Rail ride from Xinjiang to the mainland can be realized. "Now the specific transport organization is not determined, but is expected to significantly shorten the journey time. According to the speed of 250 kilometers per hour, from Urumqi to Beijing time from about more than and 30 hours to about 20 hours." Pan Xinxian said. Xinhua reporter learned from the Urumqi Railway Bureau, as the new high-speed LAN west end point station, Urumchi Railway Station construction area of nearly 100 thousand square meters, level for the principal station. June 2013 officially started construction, on the official operation in August 12, 2016. Urumchi Railway Station stop. In new network reporter Li Jinlei photo according to the introduction, the Urumchi Railway Station line waiting line station "passenger drop model, Xinjiang is the largest and best facilities, the highest level of intelligent train station. The station and the city public transportation system, the rail transit system seamless connection, realizes the zero distance transfer, is the Xinjiang modern comprehensive transportation hub project. From Urumchi Railway Station station and platform canopy, composed of three elevated drop off platform. According to the maximum number of people gathered 8000 design, is expected to send the peak hour of 8200 people. Urumchi Railway Station waiting hall. In new network reporter Li Jinlei photo in the waiting hall is divided into A, B two waiting area, set up a total of 1989 seat seats, each waiting area set up a pearl of the Silk Road Service Station, the main train time for travelers to provide consulting, travel planning, answering questions, complaints and suggestions, "Red Cross", key appointments and a series of service measures. Automatic ticket vending machine in Urumqi station. In new network reporter Li Jinlei photo in addition, there are 3 Urumchi Railway Station ticket hall, each ticket hall has 13 artificial ticket window, 8 tickets vending machine; on the south side there are 10 platform tickets vending machines, convenience for passengers to stop ticket and ride passenger ticket. In the platform layer, the station ticket office and waiting相关的主题文章: