Telecommunications fraud case to return the funds to be frozen in the public security organs – Sohu -3u8547

Telecommunications fraud shall be carried out in the freezing of funds returned to the public security organs in the Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Yutong) in the fight against illegal crime when the telecommunications network governance model, public security organs will implement specific measures to freeze bank accounts in accordance with the law. To safeguard the people’s legitimate property rights, reduce the loss of property of the victim network model of criminal cases, according to law, to ensure timely and convenient return of the freezing of funds, this morning, "the telecommunications network model of criminal cases of freezing of funds return" several regulations promulgated. The "provision" clearly "telecommunications network model of criminal cases, the freezing of funds" concept definition, the new telecommunications network crime refers to the illegal use of telecommunications and Internet technology, through SMS, telephone, and other means to implant the horse, the victim (steal) funds (deposit in the control of the bank account), the implementation of the criminal cases. Frozen capital refers to the public security organs in accordance with the provisions of the law on the implementation of the freezing of specific bank accounts, and by the banking financial institutions to assist the implementation of funds. "Regulations" requirements, the public security organs are responsible for identifying the victims of the flow of funds, timely notification of the victim, and the ownership of the property of the victim to make a clear decision to return the funds, the implementation of the return. Public security organs should take the initiative to contact with the victim, the service of the people, for the return of funds in accordance with the law, and shall not charge any fees for personal gains. At the same time, the Ministry of public security and the CBRC will also according to the law on public security organs, the banking financial institutions to freeze the funds return inspection and supervision, in violation of laws, administrative regulations and the "Regulations", to return to assist the public security organs or violation of the obligation to return the funds units and personnel, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. After the victim was found to be promptly reported to the police, and in accordance with the requirements of the public security organs to provide real and effective information, with the public security organs, banking financial institutions to carry out the corresponding work. City Public Security Bureau relevant departments responsible person, shall return the freezing of funds must be carried out in the public security organs, the police and the victim to make relevant legal documents, the public security organs will not claim the victim by telephone account, through online bank transfer etc. the return of the freezing of funds, but will not be charged any fees "margin", "deposit" funds etc. Please, the masses in vigilance and to cooperate with the police work.相关的主题文章: