Thanks to master Guo Degang Han Hexiao Kouxie never abandon two bursts of

Thanks to master Guo Degang Han Hexiao never abandon bursts of two text Kouxie mentor Han Hexiao bursts of two micro-blog Guo Degang Kouxie Phoenix Entertainment News 7 am, Guo Degang sent to Guo Degang. Han Hexiao long, forgive yourself and then run away Deyunshe thanks. Morning, Guo Degang forwarded the micro-blog, said rectifies to still recognize the apprentice. Subsequently, Han Hexiao bursts of two to micro-blog, Guo Degang. Han Hexiao micro-blog Guo Degang Han Hexiao Kouxie bursts of two long said, his September 2014 secretly went to the field of development, for two years without contact with the master Guo Degang, until June 2016 only have the courage to admit Guo Degang, and said the master kind and generous to forgive themselves. Morning, Guo Degang forwarding apprentice Han Hexiao micro-blog, with the text: "rectifies the hell. Two years time, still have conscience. In the development of a lot of difficult. If you are tired, at any time to beijing. Right now, you’re still my apprentice, your name is Han Hexiao." A suspected alluding to Cao Yunjin between the lines. Subsequently, Han Hexiao bursts of two micro-blog Kouxie. Han Hexiao (information) Han Hexiao in 2006 admitted to the Department of the crane crane character named Xiao, June 13, 2009 mentor Mr. Guo Degang close to my disciples guo. The number of years to eat live in a cloud base, master or free of charge. Married in 2010 and I love to master teacher Niang presented the envelopes with the wedding ring, and provides the marriage room for us in the cloud base. In September 2014, I went abroad for personal reasons. Later, Beijing shy from mentor, did not dare to meet with the teacher for two years. After coming to Shanghai, during the June 2016 Shanghai master performance, finally has the courage to admit her master, forgive me kind and generous. After a lapse of two months to the occasion, came home to visit, and seek forgiveness. The crane Xiao mistakes. This can lead to foot, "Qing", rebuilt Germany genealogy of the occasion, grace teachers do not abandon, to "look for my persistence is spared. The crime of acts of grace crane Xiao honored teacher tuition, do not abandon. He Xiao is away from the capital of thousands, will always hold De. Can not forget the teacher taught, do practical art, a good man! May the master teacher Niang ing body! I know. Thanks to a crane!相关的主题文章: