The 6 major effects of ginger tea cosmax

The 6 functions of ginger Black Tea diuretic in edema Jiang Hongcha ginger is auxiliary materials commonly used in cooking, in addition to the fishy ginger, can be cold, drink ginger tea benefits, if you’re single with ginger tea will be too hot, can add Black Tea, not only delicious, Sheng Jianghong tea has a good effect on the body, Black Tea is the fermented tea after brewing is characterized by red soup, sweet and warm, help digestion, promote appetite, diuresis and elimination of edema, and a strong heart function. In winter, the cold north wind, cold, the human body Yang vulnerable. At this time, the selection of sweet and warm Black Tea as well, to incubate the body’s Yang, especially for women and the elderly. At the same time, Black Tea leaves red soup, gives a warm feeling. 1, and ginger contains a variety of active ingredients, with detoxification, anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation to wet, warm stomach, vomiting, eliminate body waste. 2, anti cancer science confirmed that ginger and inhibit cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention role. Extracts from ginger can also be used to treat migraine headaches, behavioral disorders and arthritis. 3, ginger contains a kind of oil resin, has obvious effect of lowering blood fat and cholesterol. 4, ginger tea may drink once from a slight cold, severe symptoms of a daily drink for three days, is no longer a runny nose, cough, have a fever, sore throat, headache; colds can also drink once every three days for preventive purposes. 5, freckle old people, often with facial "senile plaques, modern medical research shows that the" rust "is due to the body caused by excessive active oxygen free radicals. Pharmacological study found that ginger contains volatile oil and starch, a variety of amino acids required for human body, especially the pungent ingredient gingerols have strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals. 6, if you frequently constipation constipation, motionless tired, drink homemade ginger tea can be laxative, and energetic. (Pacific women’s network)相关的主题文章: