The acting governor of Jiangxi Province, did not say hello in their own money for lunch – visit the -ratatouille

The acting governor of Jiangxi Province, did not say hello in their own money for lunch – visit the County Beijing held in May 25th this year the province’s city work site to promote the urban and rural areas of Jinxian County, picturesque scenery and beautiful environment of the impressive. How to improve the quality of urban and rural areas? Beautiful urban and rural construction can continue to advance? Without greeting, no local leaders accompanied by the morning of September 11th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, acting governor Liu Qi pomp, in "Sifang" in Jinxian County, the Hong Kong Kowloon Bay Park baixu town features and Qinglan Lake Forest Park, walking the streets, see live, explore environmental remediation and protection of urban and rural construction, promote the beautiful. Morning at about 10, Liu Qi take the small business car came Bai Wei Bay park. There is a good and pleasant environment. Liu Qi on the umbrella along the tour trail, through the park ecological recreation area, hydrophilic tourist area, to see the park environment. Subsequently, Liu Qi drove to the white Wei Xiang Government, all the way to see the streets clean and tidy, he is very happy. In the Bai Wei township government duty room, Liu Qi rushed to the township leaders said, strengthen ecological protection, create beautiful countryside, create a good environment, usually persevere firmly grasp is the key. At the same time, we must be good at the advantages of ecological environment into industrial development advantages, and vigorously develop the farmhouse leisure tourism, and constantly enhance the popularity and efficiency. Small bridges, water, people…… The town is Chinese brush Township, in recent years to create a set of culture, tourism and trade in one of the characteristics of small town. In the center of the town area, Liu Qi came to the river for water and sanitation, into the "scholar’s four jewels" shops, and businesses to ask the operating conditions. "Is anyone on duty today?" That the town government is not far away, Liu Qi decided to visit temporary. Staff who are working overtime recognize Liu Qi, very excited. Liu Qi is still working hard on all the weekend of praise, encouraged that in the field of environmental protection, the same to the conscientious spirit, through strengthening and innovating social governance, to prevent the cluttered, Luandaluanjian, create a comfortable and pleasant environment. About 11:20, Liu Qi drove to the Qinglan lake is located in the outskirts of Forest Park. At the entrance to the park, Liu Qi heart thumped: sees the car parking, garbage on the ground "ornament", really careless management. Liu Qi leaned over to pick up a bottle of mineral water thrown by tourists. Then the staff under the guidance of Liu Qi to take the cable car to enter the park visit, green grass, birds sound garden, is neat and orderly. See the inside and outside environment of such a strong contrast, Liu Qi said the promotion of urban and rural sincere words and earnest wishes, quality, the core of the people. To elaborate construction, fine management, excellent presentation, in order to realize the urban and rural environment, ecological livable. Imperceptibly at noon, Liu Qi and his own pockets were looking for a small restaurant, simply eat the meal break to return to Nanchang, the end of the day "Sifang non-stop". Newspaper reporter Li Dongming相关的主题文章: