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"Water book" Drama Festival   He Jiong let a person shine at all – the media – original title: He Jiong let a person shine at all "water in the book of" stills fourth Wuzhen Drama Festival came to an end today, Drama Festival is one of the sponsors for the new director Stan Lai’s book "water" as the closing ceremony staged drama. The play was written in 2009, is the Hongkong opera invited Stan should be made in 2010, was renamed "happy without learning" performed in Taipei, starring Aya. This time in Wuzhen staged "water book", Lai invited He Jiong as the protagonist. In Wuzhen, Yang received an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter. 1 please to play He Jiong, the drama through talking about the new inspiration, Lai Shengchuan recalled that in 2009 Hongkong experienced a financial tsunami, "I walk in the central, found in every face without a smile, frown, I think Hongkong is not the world’s most unhappy city? Because everyone’s life is too linked to the material, once the material is broken, all people are affected, so I began to write a happy play, called "happy not to learn"." "Happy without learning" in Hongkong and Taipei have been staged, but after the script has not satisfied, "always feel that there is no what place has been changed, until the end of the beginning of this year, there was a great breakthrough, I think if He Jiong can play, the protagonist from the girls into boys, the whole drama through the. I deleted a character and adjusted a few things. It is difficult to explain the reason of creation. I asked He Jiong if he was interested and he immediately agreed." He Jiong and Lai Shengchuan cooperation can be traced back to the crush of the the Peach Garden, where in the play as the boss of the yuan, in which the "boss" of the". In the new book, the book of water, he played the role of what he called, in order to business interests, he created a "Happy Learning company", but he himself did not know what is happiness. Later, he met a mysterious little girl, the little girl brought a lot of family secrets…… He Jiong’s performance evaluation is very high, "the first round of the show, everyone looked at him with a bright eye, that this is not what they have seen He Jiong. This is a very confident standing on the stage, became a real stage artist He Jiong." He Jiong said: "I think this is a very rare opportunity to understand yourself, I wonder what will happen to change. When teacher face to face and I said I was the story of the sequence of events, the silly off, a creative desire came up, did not read the script and I said yes." The fusion of the 2 culture, is really not easy last year, Stan’s "secret love the Peach Garden" invited in Oregon Shakespeare festival performances English version, even play 80 games this year, he should be; the San Francisco opera invited the opera’s "dream of Red Mansions", written by Huang Zhelun and Sheng Zongliang Ye Jintian as the composer, script design, actor is Chinese, called empire. "I was born in the United States, half of the time abroad, half of the time in the country, English and Chinese are my mother tongue, I really grew up in a bilingual atmosphere. I have been writing in Chinese environment for decades相关的主题文章: