The central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar broke 6.8 mark expert no devaluation – Sohu news

Dollar on breaking the 6.8 mark before the devaluation of experts: – Sohu news CNR net Beijing on November 12th news (reporter Zhang Minghao) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the evening of November 9th, Trump was elected president of the United States caused by the impact of the falling dollar, domestic and overseas RMB exchange rate rose to around 6.7. However, good times don’t last long. With the rapid rebound in the dollar index 9 evening lows, domestic and foreign currency exchange rate fell from all the way to the 6.7. According to the China foreign exchange trading center yesterday (11) released data show that the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar 6.8115 yuan, compared with the previous day 230 basis points below the 6.8 mark, a record low of 6 years. So, with the Fed rate hike is expected to heat up, the dollar continued to strengthen, the yuan will continue to fall? Yesterday, the central parity of RMB exchange rate reported 6.8115, devaluation of 230 basis points, a record low of 74 months. Bank of China chief economist Cao Yuanzheng analysis, since October, the relationship between the RMB exchange rate fluctuations and cross-border capital flows and the beginning of the year is not the same, they are no longer so close. Fed rate hike is expected to become increasingly strong and the performance of the U.S. economy and other indicators of the impact of factors, including the vast majority of the world, including the RMB against the u.s.. Cao Yuanzheng said: the RMB against other currencies did not depreciate, but against the U.S. dollar, which means that the dollar appreciation. Because of the economic situation is good, if the RMB appreciation is not the dollar quickly, that means more against the dollar; second, market regulation is strict, the old people say Chinese asset allocation channels in addition to the stock market’s currencies, buying dollars more RMB chasing fewer dollars will also be dollar price change your." Some analysts believe that the U.S. presidential election and the Republican victory in parliamentary elections, therefore, the market expected the U.S. economy may therefore recovery, so that the U. S. dollar. At the same time, as Trump was elected, he is likely to impose political pressure on the Fed rate hike. Currently, the Fed’s interest rate hike in December the probability of recovery to 70%, so that emerging market capital outflow pressure. Like many other currencies, the future will be affected. Cao Yuanzheng pointed out that the yuan is not itself, but the relative price changes, so the RMB itself does not depreciate. Second, from the point of view of the future, the RMB into the SDR, itself also needs stability, there is no policy expected devaluation of the policy. Third, depends on the purchasing power of the currency itself. Now China’s overall price level is low, there is still purchasing power, so do not have the pressure of devaluation. So, what are the internal causes of the RMB trend? First, China’s economy is out of the V font? Many economists agree that China’s economy continues to grow at a rate of 6.7% in the past few quarters, and that the price of commodities headed by coal oil is warmer enough to prove that China’s economy has started to recover strongly. Especially on the third quarter PPI positive, PMI rose to the COORONG line, the economic data is pretty good. The industry believes that the short-term devaluation pressure"相关的主题文章: