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The Chen Man family letters of thanks: you are saving Chen Man’s "unknown hero" – Sohu news Chen Man (left) and the last release before the family photo. The morning of February 1st, was held for 23 years after the release of Chen Man, Chen Yuancheng Wang Zhongyi, his parents and relatives through the network issued a "2016 Spring Festival thanks letter", thanks to the support from all walks of life full of vindication of the Chen case. In a letter of thanks, his family also for those who do not know, do not leave your name and say, "you are saving Chen Man ‘unknown hero ". "That the Zhejiang high court in Haikou court scheduled for sentencing news, we are not excited, excited, late news, too much regret, to our hearts imprinted." Chen Man’s family said in the letter of thanks, they are not easy to appeal people, Chen Man paid a high price for the youth is not, wait for 23 years, finally he also poke the clouds delivered from oppression, human dignity, but also his innocence, can finally go home to see their parents, home and family reunion festival." "Our son was a long journey, like a boat back to the warm and safe harbor. Our beloved son was too tired to return to the most important parents is a good rest, keep a good body, restore vitality, adapt to long-term isolation environment." Chen Man’s parents wanted her son to cheer up, "please forget the prison, forget the pain, half of the new arrangements after the journey." In the letter, Chen Man’s family have to appeal to Yi Yanyou, Chen man Wang Wanqiong and other lawyers, jurists, representatives of the National People’s Congress, and continue to focus on the case with Chen Oriental Morning Post, Deyang evening news surging, Oriental TV and other dozens of media thanks. "We would also like to thank the many online netizens enthusiastic support of Chen Man." Chen Man’s family said, those who do not know, do not leave the surname and name, is to save Chen Man’s "unknown hero". "Bless you take care of yourself, save more innocent home and family reunion."

陈满家人发感谢信:你们是拯救陈满的“无名英雄”-搜狐新闻   陈满(左一)获释前和家人的最后一张合影。   2月1日上午,被关押23年的陈满获释后,他的父母陈元成、王众一及亲人通过网络发布“2016年春节致谢信”,向支持陈满案平反的各界人士表示感谢。在致谢信中,他的家人还对那些不认识、不留姓名的人称,“你们都是拯救陈满的‘无名英雄"。   “获悉浙江高院在海口开庭重审择期宣判的消息,我们不兴奋、不激动,迟来的消息,遗憾太多,给我们心中打下了深深的烙印。”陈满的家人在感谢信中说,他们深感老百姓申诉不易,陈满为之付出高昂的代价,青春不在,等了23年,“终于拨开乌云重见天日,还了他做人的尊严,还了他的清白,终于可以回家见父母,回家与亲人团聚过年。”   “我们的儿子出了一趟远门,犹如远航的船只回到温馨安全的港湾。我们心爱的儿子太累了,回到父母身边最要紧的是休息好,养好身体,恢复元气,适应长期与世隔绝的环境。”陈满的父母希望儿子能振作精神,“赶快忘记监狱、忘记痛苦,安排后半生新的征程。”   在信中,陈满的家人还向为陈满申诉的易延友、王万琼等律师、法学家、全国人大代表,以及持续关注陈满案的东方早报 澎湃新闻、德阳晚报、东方卫视等几十家媒体表示感谢。   “我们还要感谢网上众多网友热心声援陈满。”陈满的家人说,那些不认识、不留姓和名的人,都是拯救陈满的“无名英雄”。“祝福你们多保重自己,拯救更多的无辜者回家和父母亲人团聚。”相关的主题文章: