The city of my! Nanjing opera troupe to go on stage in Berlin plants war

The city of my! Nanjing Opera Troupe went on stage [Berlin Longhu] report (reporter Li Yuqin) sugar porridge lotus, sugar taro seedlings, boiled salted duck and Nanjing delicacy in a foreign country to Berlin in Germany to hear, let many Chinese people excited. On the evening of November 24th and 25, Nanjing opera troupe with 2 outstanding drama "Lane No. 11" and "the livelihood of the people who I am" Berlin cultural center Chinese invited to Germany to Berlin to attend the fourth session China theater festival. Through half a century Nanjing "National Day" and the reality version of "Snow White" drama "people’s livelihood Lane 11" is a story of Nanjing rich cultural characteristics, but also the second time to Berlin. In the south of Nanjing, a KMT official left the old house, Ma Guoqing, Xiao Guoqing, in the national day grew up together. The seasons of the year cycle, over the past few decades, when the house suffered another round of demolition and relocation storm, the three old childhood together to discuss countermeasures like. In the experience of the attitudes of the world at the same time, recall and enjoy past friendship and joy. The horse and the daughter cousin and old Shaw two girl as pretty as a flower involved, their behavior and ideas, the three old men in stark contrast to make the story more fresh flavor of the times. The audience watching the people’s livelihood "Lane No. 11", can’t help with characters through more than half a century of rock, enjoy a variety of attractive Jinling snacks, experience local customs and practices and the folk customs of old Nanjing. A tall building on the stage shows a unique charm…… The wonderful performance of the artists in Nanjing conquered the presence of the Chinese and German audience, a lot of German audiences are attracted by the thick Chinese drama show. There are a lot of people in the audience is Nanjing opera troupe of loyal fans, the night after the end of the show, the director and actors on the stage curtain call, then there is a lady very excited to find opera actor, the understanding, the lady turned out to be the actor Ma Xiaoning teacher of primary school students, such as the "people’s livelihood" in lane 11, three " the National Day " the goddess of the heart – a reality version of " " snow;. Many of the audience applauded, as the foreign land refresher precious, also for the intersection of the dream and the reality and feel happy. The fat girls facelift of the road explode laugh thought-provoking second days Nanjing Opera Troupe fashion drama "who I am" also attracted a large audience in Berlin. The value of the appearance of society, leading to more and more girls to the road of plastic surgery, beautiful appearance can bring a happy life? The drama "who I am" tells the story of love acting but ugly fat girl Xiaoxiao through the cosmetic actress won the dream of opportunity, but at the same time lost life and self. The drama also led the audience thinking on appearance and mind the pros and cons in the comedy. The final curtain call, the enthusiasm of the audience and the music rhythm theater applauded, suddenly turned into a sea of joy. After the performance of a German uncle excitedly holding the director and the actor’s hand, "applauded again and again, every actor is so great that every character is wonderful!" Although the time reversed, fatigued by a long journey Nanjing Opera Troupe, the cast and crew in Berlin China Cultural Center Theater is still the perfect present. Actors"相关的主题文章: