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The classic fairy tale new books, a good story about the new Sohu Changli maternal fairy tale writer Toni · the story of Ross, to read more classic fairy tales readers, each of deja vu, but each one is new — this is because they are a restatement of the classic fairy tale the. Since there is a classic fairy tale, why should the author repeat these stories? Why do readers have to look at these stories? This is because, like the river of our lives, the story never flows. For example, "journey to the west" is by different authors in different time and write, so Sun Wukong havoc is invincible Monkey (from the folk belief, Buddhist scriptures and Houjing legend) and is often restricted by the "monkey Walker" (from Buddhism sutras story). Folk tales is even more so, in a different time and place, by a different narrator created a variety of variants. To write fairy tales, there are two opposing principles: one is "the fairy tale theory forerunner 54" period (Zhou Zuoren) put forward the principle of faithful record, in order to show the "authentic" folk fairy tales, but this is often the result of record as the academic data for research use, rather than as a children’s story for parent-child reading. The two is the use of the limited adaptation of the principle of Green Brothers – to retain the plot content, change the language style, increase literary detail. Green fairy tale in the world is widely known, largely because of the effective implementation of this principle. In particular, the adjustment of language, in order to adapt to the new era, the new local readers; details of the creation, in order to make the text more artistic value. Both help the good story to get the eternal life, so that it does not disappear with the passage of time, the replacement of the place, the replacement of the dynasty. Toni · these stories of Ross, also adopted the principles of the preparation of the brothers of Green. Reserved plot. Let us know that this is little red riding hood, the three little pigs, that is wearing boots cat, goat mother and her seven children. Change language. The story is full of the sense of the times: the three bears have a color TV set at home, goat mother to go to the supermarket, Little Red Riding Hood will go out, and her grandmother likes to read the newspaper published a TV program. Create details to make the story more vivid and complete. In "Jack and the Beanstalk", gives Jack why so treat giant reason, because the giant cheat light Jack’s father’s money; in the "Three Little Pigs", added the pigs why to build a house for the apartment because they are narrow and high, they want to move to the countryside. In "Hansell and Gretel", and the two home is no longer a lot of jewelry, but by Gretel secretly in the hat of a star, which not only increases the tension of the story, but also highlighted the sister Gretel wit; in the "Little Red Riding Hood", is no longer a savior who happened to be passing by hunters but, the woodcutter went to find her daughter, Dad, Little Red Riding Hood lucky not only from Providence, is from the father full of love. This table相关的主题文章: