The Curse uncovered threatened abortion – maternal Sohu puritans pride

The "Curse" uncovered threatened abortion – Sohu can easily lead to fetal maternal threatened abortion is not guaranteed, but also bring some harm to the mother, so in this situation, should be timely to the hospital to find out the cause, and symptomatic treatment, attention must be paid to the care and maintenance, not blindly defend. Chromosome abnormality of threatened abortion: chromosome abnormality is the main cause of abortion. Previous studies have shown that 50% to 60% of women with early spontaneous abortion have chromosomal abnormalities. If there is a chromosomal abnormality in couples, it can be transmitted to the offspring, it may lead to abortion or recurrent abortion. Child-bearing age: because of the pressure of competition and other reasons, modern women often have married and have children in their thirties older youth, the physical conditions of natural as the best age, kidney deficiency also began to fall. Repeated abortion: unmarried cohabitation led to repeated abortion, the fetus in the uterus damage cell pulse "". Do not pay attention to health care during pregnancy: pregnancy continued high strength and high tension work or overwork, and marital intercourse etc.. Disease: if the fetus in the mother can not get enough oxygen or suffering from amniotic fluid disease, placental infection and other diseases may lead to threatened abortion. Environmental factors: if the mother during pregnancy, long time exposure to certain toxic and harmful substances may cause threatened abortion, such as quinine, mercury, carbon monoxide, phosphorus, aluminum, benzene etc.. Immune factors: with modern scientific research, such as antigen system abnormalities, antigen antibody incompatibility, abnormal levels of autoantibodies, abnormal immune factor is caused by one of the factors of threatened abortion. Infection factors: some expectant mothers in early pregnancy, vaginal secretions increased, but do not pay attention to, leading to miscarriage. Lack of nutrition of pregnant women: just when pregnant women have nausea, vomiting discomfort, if the situation is serious can lead to extreme lack of nutrition, at the same time to provide embryonic nutrition supply, thus easily lead to threatened abortion. Pregnant women’s physical and emotional reasons: if a woman in the body during pregnancy with certain diseases, such as influenza, pneumonia and other infectious diseases, then these bacteria will harm the embryo of the virus resulting in fetal poisoning. If the female endocrine disorders, such as thyroid, pituitary function decline, which can lead to uterine dysplasia, so it can’t provide good embryo growth and development environment, even will cause harm to the development of embryos, which may result in threatened abortion. If the pregnancy were depressed, angry, sad or experienced serious nerve stimulation, will disrupt the human brain activity in the cortex, which will stimulate uterine contractions in multiple contraction process of embryo may be forced to discharge or cause the death of the embryo. Traumatic violence: if a woman during pregnancy by some violence, it is likely to lead to threatened abortion, such as in obstetric examination, medical staff is too rude. Special remind: undesirable Baotai blindly not all abortion cases suitable for defend treatment, for example if abnormal embryonic development caused by abortion is not suitable for tocolysis. In case you do not.相关的主题文章: