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The Dadu River two "Long March": Anshun Township, the path out of poverty – Politics – Beijing on 11 September, September 10th (Wang Ya), "long road to well-off society" network media "go turn change" theme interviews (Sichuan station) was officially launched in Chengdu. As the Iron Man Road, chamc. If the choice of the long march is China to the victory of the revolution, then the moment of poverty alleviation is a new era of Long March, as is strong, has a long way to go. Today’s reform and opening up, the Red Army has long gone through the place where the earth shaking changes in how? Poverty Alleviation: a new era of the long march of May 1935, the Red Army division red red posse a battalion commander Sun Jixian personally selected seventeen warriors and Dadu led to by the enemy as the natural barrier of defense on no possible escape. open a gap for the Central Red Army North opened up a channel. Sichuan province is located in the southwest of the South Bank of the middle reaches of the Dadu River, 11 kilometers away from Shimian County where there is a small mountain, the wheel of history here deeply under the rolling imprinted will never disappear. Chinese Red Army it is here crossing of the Dadu River, let Anshunchang this little-known town in Chinese in modern history with its historical status can not be ignored is history. 80 years ago, the Long March ended in victory, and make the world to see a group of people wearing red, foot sandals steel torrent is irresistible. 80 years later, when the long march became the textbook knowledge and the memory of a small number of people, the name of "poverty alleviation" of the "Long March" is walking on the road in the new era. "NPC and CPPCC" during this year, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "13th Five-Year" is a period of poverty alleviation kenyinggutou, rattling period, must be determined to make efforts to speed up, to progress together to win the battle of poverty. As early as November 29, 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council promulgated the "decision on winning the fight against poverty" as an important document to guide the current and future period of tackling poverty. "Decision" proposed that by 2020, to achieve the stability of rural poor people do not worry about eating, do not worry about wearing, compulsory education, basic medical care and housing security. The growth rate of per capita disposable income of farmers in poor areas is higher than that of the national average. To ensure that the poor rural population in China under the current standard out of poverty, poor counties all Zhaimao, solve regional overall poverty. At present, the scale of poverty in some areas of China’s central and western regions is still large, the remaining poverty level of the poor, the higher the cost of poverty reduction, the greater the difficulty of getting rid of poverty. To achieve the goal of getting rid of poverty in about 70000000 rural poor population by 2020, the time is urgent, the task is arduous. Only on the basis of existing innovation and poverty alleviation and development ideas and methods, in order to resolutely win this battle. Poverty Alleviation: not just a small target Anshunchang ethnic minorities accounted for nearly 30%, is a typical mountain in the poverty-stricken ethnic minority village, natural conditions)相关的主题文章: