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The U.S. version of "death note" director: the movie will contain a large number of violent scenes Sina game news   love "death note" the works of the fans should know that this "death note" the movie Hollywood version and the Japanese version is synchronized shooting, both sides seem to have held to yigujin in each other the contest, news continues to release their real works to attract eyeball manmi. Recently, the U.S. version of the death note, director of the real movie, said in an interview, the work will contain a large number of violent scenes. Related reading: "death note" the movie details of the new death Amar exposure "death note" Movie New Trailer six notebooks make earth Namie Amuro sing the theme song "death note" death Ryuku backing "death note" live version and then exposed to sea sand and new stills MI or death related to the Hollywood version of "death note" reality the film by Adam · wingard served as director, the director said in an interview with the classification system of Netflix platform is not like the traditional commercial movie so strict, so the production group can do what they want to do anything, the director that is adult oriented animation works, shooting the movie "death note" is like making a department of human animation, he is the best in the movie "death note" To retain the elements of the adult, the film will be naked, there will be a ton of violence. He believes that the various bloody film before this "death note" the live action movie as his shot, the director said that we made a real, dirty, crazy movie. Itself in the United States, "death note" this work is still relatively sensitive, almost every year in the United States because of the high school students in the black book to write down the name of the students and the police investigation. In the United States has occurred at least 10 "death note" case, also led to the school officials and students involved by the sanctions, write the names of students as early as a student of Virginia in 2007 in Richmond, will lead to the principal of the school was suspended in the death note in the 2008 South Carolina; a junior high school for students name was expelled from the death note; two in Alabama, the sixth grade students because the name was arrested with the students in the school leadership to write full of death note. A 2008 WASHINGTON expelled a note in the 50 students the name of the students, two students in 2009, Oklahoma was charged in the death note to write down the names of two students in Michigan in March 2010, a second year student was found to have been suspended indefinitely the death note. Mainly for the American market "death note" in the Hollywood movie, the director mouth soon becomes a B level in 2017 do not know the flesh and blood flying in all directions, Netflix official with the letter this live action movie will no longer cause dissension in the United states. (source: Ranger net) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or permit.相关的主题文章: