The deep catastrophe Toronto premiere reputation moved the audience-cosmax

The "deep" catastrophe Toronto premiere reputation touched the Sina entertainment news film "deep" havoc by the famous Hollywood director Peter directed by Berg, and invited the "Transformers 4", "turn" and "Teddy bear" actor Mark starring Wahlberg and filmmaker, more little meat Dylan, Obrien, Gina Rodriguez Kurt Russell, the old drama of bone and John Malkovich co starred with IMAX shooting, to create the most realistic disaster scene. North American time in September 13th, the movie "deep catastrophe" held a grand world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film received high praise from the audience moved. Mark Wahlberg "Hua Xianzi" red carpet stunning debut as a producer and eye-catching eye-catching hairstyle starring movie "deep" havoc, Mark Wahlberg changed all of his old "Transformers 4", "turn" and "bear" in Teddy impression, successfully played a great and extraordinary hero. In this "deep" havoc in world premiere, Mark Wahlberg has attracted the audience and the media attention to the appearance of A. In order to cope with the shooting of the "Transformers 5" in character modeling, Mark Wahlberg left a gorgeous Li, "the head of", can not help but be surprised to mature uncle also has a "Meng heart", """. The red carpet ceremony process, Kate Hodson, Gina Rodriguez and Kurt Raser is also a star studded dress, attracted a lot of media lens, more frequent interaction with the fans. At the same time, director Peter Berg live speech, thanks to all the people who pay for the film, I hope you can enjoy this film based on real events. The real event "Scene tears collapse" shocking the audience applause as happened in the United States of Mexico Bay as everyone knows, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in recent years is the largest marine disaster film "deep" is based on the catastrophe of the incident. Mark Wahlberg’s Mike Williams is a real event in the civilian heroes, the disaster he save, save a lot of oil workers in life. In Toronto, the world premiere, Mike, a family also came to the scene, the audience and the media invariably gave him great respect. The movie "deep" havoc completely restore the true scene of the disaster, Lionsgate will spend lots of money to build the scene to the extreme, as is the audience can deeply feel the disaster scene is critical and urgent when viewing. The reaction of the audience seemed to experience the event, and Mark was impressed by Wahlberg’s performance, he shejijiuren move touched many people, at the same time, the disaster of the tragic and the passage of life also let the audience have tears. At the end of the movie, the whole auditorium rang a few minutes rest, overwhelming applause, once again showing high true everyone on the "deep" catastrophe recognition and film. Directed by the famous Hollywood director Peter Berg’s film "deep" havoc, inviting the "Transformers 4", "turn" and "Teddy bear" actor Mark starring Wahlberg and producer, by little meat".相关的主题文章: