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The difference between mother and mother is so big! The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author and we know that women love back home, because it is only at the time of her, we can find that relax yourself. Here can give us a "home" feeling. Here, I can do what I want, and I will not blame anyone. I am free and free!! From the day we got married, we entered a new family and began a new life. Woman this life is not easy, happy days, always only a few days. Most of the time, or in a variety of family chores and chores, do things they do not like. Everything has changed since we got married. This change, not just one aspect, but a variety of changes. The biggest change is the difference between a mother and a mother. My mother is going to get married! I should be able to have grandchildren next year. Well, I’m going to be a grandmother! It’s too fast! Mom: my daughter to get married, I hope the future will take her to her mother-in-law. Don’t ask for much, just don’t be too bad. Pregnant mother: how the birth date in the summer it? The weather is so hot, I still have to wash clothes back up! Mom: hot day pregnant, my daughter will not stand? Childbirth mother: why so long, the child does not come out ah! God bless, do not have an accident! Mom: it won’t happen for a long time. My daughter will not have an accident! God bless, do not have an accident! After childbirth mother-in-law: the child? A boy or a girl? Mom: where’s my daughter? Is she all right? Woman, that is, for a family, is another treatment. The same is called the "mother" of the people, but it is really a very different attitude towards you two. Some things, not a call can be changed. Men may not have to worry about the contradiction between the composition of the family, but women can not be prepared in advance. Woman, really not easy, twelve points is not easy. After marriage, you must be more careful than before, but also more efforts than ever before. We don’t just have to take care of our small family, but also take into account a "big family"". Can’t have a little mistake, a little mistake may have to face many people blame. Woman, after marriage, remember that you are no longer a little girl, but to become a "big woman"!相关的主题文章: