The diversity of education in the UK has allowed me to reflect on prejudice-rosstallanma

The diversification of education in the UK made me reflect bias in the British international school my school (equivalent to the domestic high school) in the UK Welsh United World College Atlantic College (United World College of the Atlantic), United College founded by German educator Kurt Hahn in 1962. Each, every year will receive a group of students from more than and 90 countries, students from different social classes, religious background, cultural background, United College Students advocate for dissent inclusive in the multi culture, eliminate prejudice and conflict between different countries and regions, so as to promote human peace. In such a diverse environment, learning history has become an exciting thing. Sitting in the history of the classroom look around, each person’s national and cultural backgrounds are different, resulting in everyone’s understanding of a historical event, understanding are different. And it is this difference that makes the classroom more dynamic, while expressing their views, students can also learn from another perspective, so as to reflect on the limitations of their own historical values. Kate, director of the Department of history, Atlantic College, Vincze told me that the experience of the United College has also expanded her history. Growing up in Hungary, she has always been educated in the Hungarian State, until she taught at the United College, and learned a lot about the history of her country in the history books. It is this diversity and diversity that makes students aware of their own limitations, and only the limitations of cognitive ability to promote students to communicate, to understand, to resolve disputes. At the same time of teaching history, the school will provide a platform for the history of activities, such as organizing the debate in class. While studying the "Treaty of Versailles", the students have raised questions about the fair fair degree, so the organization activities of a historical simulation several students, again held the Paris Louvre "peace conference". Each student as a representative of the state, according to the national conditions of different countries, the need to put forward their views on the amendment to the Treaty of Versailles and try to reach a consensus. This kind of activity is similar to the "Model United Nations", first of all, students are required to have a full understanding of their countries, but also to consolidate their historical knowledge. More importantly, through the simulation, the degree of difficulty students learned a treaty and policy: because every country has its own national interests, meet the needs of each political might not achieve. Such experience is a reflection of the opportunity for students to reflect on the difficult political decisions, to reflect on the uncertainty of history, to understand the efforts to achieve world peace. At the Atlantic College, the history of learning seems to transcend the history itself, it is more like Tang Taizong’s "mirror" to the concept of history, students learn history to social problems, reflects the current international events, which reflect their role in society as well as the responsibility to bear the future. Out of the academic field, the school also provides a platform for students to learn about other cultural history. Atlantic College, for example.相关的主题文章: