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The eighty year old Yang Fu, Yang Jiajiang descendants show Sohu difficult – opened martial arts tourism tourism, tour tour is history, culture, feelings of eight ancient dynasties history of glory, read thousands of years of heavy cultural heritage, specific to the attractions, including the palace, the Millennium Guta Kaifeng Longting scenic tower, legend Zhonglie Tianbo Yang Fu etc.. Today we talk about Tianbo Yang fu. It is the most flourishing when Zhao Kuangyin mutiny after the Northern Song Dynasty, one of the dynasties that is China history the most technologically advanced and most prosperous culture, the art of prosperity. China history many great inventions have appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty (the compass, gunpowder, printing). In the literature, whether poetry (Wang Anshi, Ou Yangxiu, Li Qingzhao, Su, etc.), painting (Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fei, Cai Xiang), or Science (Zhou Dunyi, Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi, etc.), history (Sima Guang et al) are all famous celebrities, all frequency is, its achievement is high can reach the peak of perfection. Could not hide, the Northern Song Dynasty is the history of Chinese Dynasty is one of the most thriving and prosperous culture of science and technology. As Mr. Chen Yinque said: "the Chinese nation culture, thousands of years of evolution has developed to the top in the world, Zhao Songzhi." When the political economic and cultural center is the Tokyo that is today Kaifeng, kaifeng. During the Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng, Wen Bao Wu Yang household, Wu Yang here refers to the legend story of a hero, the famous writer Ou Yangxiu once praised Yang industry, Yang Yanzhao and his son are famous, known as the brave invincible, so far as eight people in the world, all wrapped the wild?". The story passed down for thousands of years, in recent years has been made into a number of film and television works, that people always remember and respect the history of China patriotic hero against the enemy. By Yang industry as the representative of yanggujiang manmen Zhonglie, defend the motherland, regardless of personal safety devotion is worth risking his own life, and remember the example that. It is the year of Yang Jiajiang Tianbo Yang Fu mansion, located in the Northern Song Dynasty capital of Tokyo (now city) city of the northwest corner of the door beside the skywave Jinshuihe, named "Tianbo Yang fu". Because Yang patriotic, the Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi generation Zhongliang, honest and upright love, poor blarney flattering character, in the days of the golden gate after the river built a house had no money, give five million "no breeze had water and sky wave Lou handwriting" Tianbo Yang Fu "plaque, who decreed by skywave the house in front of the full court officials, civil servants, military attache dismount car falls to worship. Now we can see Tianbo Yang Fu is the last century in 90s on the rehabilitation of the long building, the layout of the building consists of three courtyards, East and West, the construction specifications at zhengyipin military level construction, consistent with Yang Taiwei and Datong Jiedushi office closures. The east by the Six Dynasties palace ruins Longting scenic area, west of the Qingming River Park, is a typical font style classical garden architecture, by Yang Ya Jia Fu, Yang garden, the drill field is composed of three parts. The main building Yang warrior concentrated in the intermediate people’s court, is Yang’s ya, which is Yang Jiye military shall place a bell tower and Drum Tower, a display of the Song Dynasty weapons and Ventura complete "thirty 9相关的主题文章: