The embassy was invited to explore the massacre of Nazi uniform women’s history cashmere mafia

The embassy was invited to investigate Nazi uniform women’s Jewish slaughter history original title: a popular women’s team to a Nazi uniform embassy invited to discuss the history of the Holocaust [global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported] the Israeli ambassador to Japan Pavilion said in the official social media on the 3 day, will be invited to a Japanese popular women’s team to the embassy to discuss the history of the Holocaust, and the women had dressed in Nazi uniforms to participate in the performance and caused great controversy. According to Japan’s "Daily News" reported on November 4th, in October 22nd this year, the Japanese idol group "beech Osaka 46" held in Yokohama in the Halloween dressed in a black cloak, a vulturine head deppe black hat badge, the dress was similar to the Nazi German SS uniforms. Europe and the United States have been reported in the major media quickly get a strong response to the Jewish rights organization in the United States, Simon Wesson cable center. Deputy director of the center Coop issued a statement on October 31st, critics said "even if there is no intention of this kind of performance is hurt, for victims of memory contempt", "ban Ju 46" requirements and record company integrated producer Akimoto Yasu apology etc.. Japan is less responsive to the Nazis than western society, The Associated Press said". The Israeli embassy in Japan on the 3 day in the official Facebook and twitter published an article called, will be invited to "ban beech 46" members to the embassy jointly held a seminar on the history of the Holocaust. However, Kyodo news agency believes that the Japanese anime, games and other sub culture of the world, girls and military is a very common combination. In today’s Japan, in the animation as the representative of the world of culture, there are many divorced from reality, "war" and "weapons". The incident is a reflection of Japan and Europe and the United States in the history of the gap. Kyodo News Agency and even cited the Japanese literary critic Fujita Naoya said, war, weapons are no longer used to reflect the reality of the tragedy, but became a symbol of the associated with moe". Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: