The financial aim on land requisition village power plant in Beijing – somersault

The financial aim on land requisition village power plant Beijing – in the financial somersault took aim at the land requisition power cropper — Qidong three village "yanguobamao was exposed Hunan Daily reporter Zhang Bin correspondent Xiao Bairen He Zhihua [] this case report should be timely sent to the hands of the people of village land expropriation shall be 3 Village officials covet, become their eyes" fat ", the misappropriation of public funds to private storage, lending, personal gain to buy financial products and other illegal means. Recently, Qidong County Commission for Discipline Inspection "yanguobamao type of corruption in the special rectification, the case for the investigation, and informed the county exposure. [review] the case in January 2016, Qidong County Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, reflecting the Yongchang Zhu Street neighborhood cadres misuse of villagers land compensation issues, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately organize verification. The investigation, since 2012 October, the streets of Yongchang Zhu neighborhood branch secretary Zhou Heping, together with Peng Zhiyong Peng Fuyuan (accounting branch members of non Communist Party members) by taking advantage of the original town people’s government to assist flood on land expropriation compensation management work, in the absence of the villagers held a meeting or the villagers Congress under the condition of 4 times successively call management land totaling 7 million 700 thousand yuan, for the purpose of profit for bank financing, acquisition of interest and help the bank staff to complete the task lanchu. In addition, Zhou Heping, Peng Zhiyong two misappropriation of public funds 3 million yuan, of which 1 million yuan will be lent to a bank branch staff to complete the task Lanchu a week after this, Peng Zhiyong without authorization will be 3 million yuan for bank financing for two months (two months in the 3 million yuan can access and transfer), total financing return 8585.31 yuan appropriation. Later, Peng Zhiyong and secretly from 3 million yuan for financial transfers 2 million yuan lent in the county a private enterprise, obtain the interest of 180 thousand yuan. Peng Zhiyong in order to deceive the public, in accordance with the bank’s current interest rate stored 3 million yuan to pay 14700 yuan interest to take the initiative on the village accountant Peng Fuyuan, in the Zhu neighborhood of the public bank account, and the remaining 173885.31 yuan profit appropriation. Finally, the Qidong County Commission for Discipline Inspection to give Zhou Heping, Peng Zhiyong expelled from the party, instructed the Yongchang Street office Peng Fuyuan neighborhood committee and shall replace the accounting duty. Zhou Heping, Peng Zhiyong, suspected of crimes transferred to judicial organs of the handling of the problem of crime, and so on, and so on. The Commission [comments] "woodpecker" spirit of discipline rectification of the problem of corruption around the masses of Qidong county Party committee, county secretary Yang Hongfa the inviolability of the interests of the masses, resolutely investigate and place in the unwholesome tendencies and the problem of corruption around the masses is close party masses relations, for the broad support of Party members and masses, Houzhi important base of the ruling party the. The grass-roots party committees and Discipline Inspection Commission, should be based on the "woodpecker spirit" remove "worms", and "the unwholesome tendencies plucking type corruption to gangbusters trend resolutely investigate and deal with, while efforts to build a clean and honest and pragmatic people of the grass-roots cadres.相关的主题文章: