The fire burned man fainted buttock deep burn for a year and a

The fire burned man fainted buttock deep burn for a year and a half. Original title: the fire burning man fainted buttock deep burn one and a half years not healed   the fire burning man fainted buttock deep burn, one and a half years not fully recovered from Guangxi News Network – Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter correspondent Liu Zhijie Qian Xiongyao) "he is now sit nor sit, lie nor lie, afraid of wound infection, may endanger life!" In October 30th, the villagers in Xiangfen town of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County in Xiangfen village told reporters reflect, the villagers Li Yongen an accident, buttocks and waist was severely burned, the past year and a half has not cured, and skin graft surgery costs more than ten million makes him unable to do anything. The 36 year old Li Yongen is a village in Rongshui County sachet water house Tun villagers, childhood parents divorced, his mother remarried father died in the field, a few years ago. Li Yongen usually rely on farming and proficiency in a particular line, playing some odd jobs for a living, is still a single person, is the village of poor households xiangfen. One day in April last year, Li Yongen to work in the field to dump heavy rain drenched. After returning home, he ate a few pieces of cold medicine, sitting beside the fire by the fire. "Cold medicine to eat more, the whole people feel sleepy, do not know what happens behind." Li Yongen said later that night, he fainted on the fireplace, even sitting on the buttock of firewood fire are not clear. When the villagers found, Li Yongen right hip, waist and right thigh was a large area burns. The villagers immediately inform the village Party Secretary Li Yonglin, Li Yongen will be sent to the county people’s Hospital of rongshui. Then a little later found, even life can not hold." In October 30th, the village Party Secretary Li Yonglin told reporters, Li Yongen would have been very difficult, no money for treatment, the villagers and the village committee donated more than 3000 yuan, he also pay 6000 yuan, to help Li Yongen to pay for medical expenses. After nearly ten thousand yuan, finally saved the life of Li Yongen, but because of the late treatment costs are too high, Li Yongen had to return home, by applying some herbal treatment. "For more than a year, the wound has not healed." Li Yonglin, the doctor said large area burn serious like Li Yongen, need to do skin grafting, but also several times, will cost more than ten million yuan. I helped him to apply for some temporary relief, but this operation is really no way." Li Yonglin said that now most worried about his wound infection, when it may endanger life. Such a long time the wound healed, Li Yongen tortured life. Serious burns made him uneasy, even lying down to sleep very difficult. The villagers made a wooden shelf for him, and when he went to bed, Li Yongen lay on the wooden shelf. Usually wear clothes, pants, for him, is also a very painful thing. Li Yonglin said, now the township and supporting the poor is also trying to raise unit, the cost of treatment to Li Yongen, let him do skin surgery as soon as possible, to prevent further deterioration of the injury. Source: Guangxi News Network – nanguojinbao editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: