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Sell American fire to children taking guns tailored special guns – Sohu news tailored special gun sales target is 6 to 12 years old children in order to find new customers, American Gun manufacturer even tentacles into the children, with students as sales targets, tailored special guns, and using the website and magazine advertising. A report on American Center violence policy issued 18, mainly due to the current consumer firearms age groups gradually become larger, manufacturers began to look at the children, trying to attract them to be replaced". The report said, taking children to sell firearms gun "is not only to increase the gun sales, but also to cultivate a new generation of gun supporters for political debates around the gun control". For the physiological and psychological characteristics to meet young consumers, from design to marketing channels of firearms, firearms manufacturers took pains. For example, the rifle parts by using plastic manufacturing, in order to reduce weight and recoil, let children use more handy. The gun color is no longer confined to the dull black. Smith WESN company launched AR-15 bright purple, bright pink and orange assault rifle. Savage company is the production of light weapons riotous with colour rifle. Lobby, the National Rifle Association in the United States the largest gun (NRA)’s service website "young member of the National Rifle Association home, membership is divided into 8 years and under the age of 8. A 2014 the site published articles written in praise of "Thompson center" produced by a small rifle, it is called children tailored, is the first gun can have children "". The company spokesman said its sales target group is 6 to 12 year old children. In addition, some firearms manufacturers also follow the United States Reynolds tobacco companies launched a cartoon mascot. Violence policy center believes that such efforts for children taking firearms to sell guns, but ignored a series of problems may lead to firearms, including Dutch act, intentionally or unintentionally shot and mass shooting. According to Xinhua News Agency

美军火商向儿童兜售枪支 量身打造特殊枪支 -搜狐新闻  量身打造特殊枪支 销售目标是6到12岁儿童   为了寻找新客户,美国枪械制造商竟然把触角伸向了儿童,以小学生为销售对象,量身打造特殊枪支,并且利用网站、杂志等大打广告。   美国暴力政策研究中心18日发布的一份报告说,由于目前枪械消费者主要群体年龄逐渐变大,制造商开始把目光投向儿童,试图吸引他们成为“替代”。报告说,枪械商向儿童兜售枪支的目的“不仅在于能够增加枪支销量,而且也为围绕控枪的政治论争培养新一代拥枪支持者”。   为迎合低龄消费者的生理和心理特点,从枪支设计到营销路数,枪械制造商可谓煞费苦心。   比如,步枪部件改用塑料制造,以减轻重量和后坐力,让儿童使用起来更加得心应手。   枪支颜色也不再局限于单调的黑色。史密斯威森公司推出了亮紫、亮粉和橙色的AR-15型突击步枪。萨维奇轻武器公司更是生产了五颜六色的步枪。   在美国最大枪支游说团体全国步枪协会(NRA)旗下服务年轻会员的网站“全国步枪协会之家”,会员被划分为8岁以上和8岁以下。   该网站刊载的一篇2014年撰写的文章大加称赞了“汤普森 中心”公司生产的一款体型小巧的步枪,称它为儿童量身打造、是儿童可以拥有的“第一把枪”。   该公司发言人表示,其销售目标群体是6到12岁的儿童。   此外,一些枪械制造商还效仿美国雷诺兹烟草公司推出卡通吉祥物。   暴力政策研究中心认为,枪械商如此大力度对儿童兜售枪支,却忽略了枪支可能导致的一系列问题,包括自杀、故意或非故意开枪以及大规模枪击事件。   据新华社相关的主题文章: