The General Administration of press and publication of the quality of the 2016 children’s newspapers-ppbox

The administration announced the 2016 children’s journal editing quality   27 journals; the error rate is zero – the media – original title: newspaper editing quality pass rate of 100% the State Press and Publication Administration Office of the day before the 2016 National Children’s newspaper editorial quality inspection briefing to the society. Among them, the qualified rate of children’s newspaper editing and proofreading reaches 100%, and the qualified rate of children’s periodical editing and proofreading is about 92.31%. In order to further strengthen the quality management of children’s newspapers, to promote the National Children’s newspaper publishing units pay close attention to the quality of content, more excellent works, combined with our general news newspaper 2016 recommended excellent children’s press activities to the National Children’s publishing products, entrusted by the General Administration of quality supervision and inspection center of national experts, 169 children’s newspapers (including 143 journals, 26 newspapers for the editing quality check). According to the relevant provisions and the actual situation of the industry, to determine the error rate of the periodical editing and proofreading is not more than 2/10000, the error rate of the newspaper editing and proofreading is not more than 3/10000. After checking, proofreading error rate is 0 – 1 of the children’s newspaper 18, accounting for 69.23%; the editing error rate is 1.01 – 2 of the children’s newspaper 7, accounting for 26.92%; the editing error rate is 2.01 – 3 of the children’s newspaper 1, accounting for 3.85%. Among them, the "primary school learning", "student English newspaper", "little doctor", "the primary school students," the error rate is 0. Compared with the results of the 2014 sampling, the overall quality of children’s newspapers this year to further enhance. For example, the proportion of newspapers with an error rate of less than 1 rose from 48.65% in 2014 to $69.23%, an increase of 20.58 percentage points. Compared to 2014, this year, the overall quality of children’s magazines steady rise. "Learn and play" current "pictorial" "children’s pictorial" and other 27 kinds of Periodical Edit error rate is 0; the error rate in 0 – 1 of the 96 journals, accounting for 67.14%, an increase of 2.5 percentage points more than in 2014; the error rate is 1.01 – 2 of the 36 journals, accounting for 25.17%; journal quality error the unqualified rate of more than 2 11, accounting for 7.69%, compared to 2014 decreased slightly, no two years are not qualified and the high error rate of journals. Of the 11 types of substandard journals, there are 10 types of journals that have previously been qualified. Bulletin pointed out that this part of the journal publishing units on the quality of attention is not enough, there is no real perseverance, perseverance. According to the inspection results, the children’s newspapers of major error types include: general text errors, grammatical errors, knowledge of errors, context does not correspond, numbers, quantities and units, the use of punctuation is not standardized, and the inclusion of Internet language and traditional Chinese characters. In punctuation, in addition to the usual appearance of the mix, and a comma and a full stop, stop and mark mix mix a semicolon, the inspection also found that some other nonstandard situation. These problems reflect a number of children’s newspapers and periodicals editing work of the rough, editing the basic skills are not solid, but the level of professional knowledge, knowledge storage is not enough相关的主题文章: