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The German medical Lianyan climax of admiral Zhao Keshi to observe the entire Military Channel – Sohu Sino German joint rescue -2016 medical military joint exercises the climax of Zhao Keshi watch the whole and visit condolences to the officers and soldiers in the Chinese – army newspaper reporter Chongqing on 22 October, Sino German joint military medical rescue -2016 "joint military exercises today completed the integration of training, will expansion of tabletop deduction and joint military action. The Central Military Commission, the military logistics department minister Zhao Keshi field to observe the joint exercise training activities, and visit the participating team. The ambulance helicopter roared, gallop, critically wounded surgery field hospital in the hectic; lake water rush to the rescue ships, transport the wounded; health and epidemic prevention team rushed to the site, water source, water quality monitoring and environmental disinfection work in an orderly manner…… Today, Lianyan climax scene, "the integration of training courses" in full swing. The commander said: "the German military medical joint exercises throughout the ‘no predetermined action’, all in accordance with the rescue exercise to random, this is a major feature of this exercise". Daily economic news reporter saw, in the busy treatment site, the exercise of the transfer of personnel to the joint command of the Chinese and German medical team issued a random transfer instructions, the atmosphere tense and orderly. Zhao Keshi in the field to observe the joint exercise training activities and pointed out that the Sino German military medical Lianyan, the army created the developed countries and the European army depth exchange precedent, is a joint combat medical training, but also a major military and diplomatic activities. He stressed the need to carefully organize follow-up exercises, summarize exercise experience, good use of transformation exercises. Through joint training and joint exercises with foreign military activities, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and constantly improve the battlefield wounded processes and norms with the characteristics of our army; to make all aspects of the innovation system, rely on innovation to the world first-class forward. Zhao Keshi stressed that the army officers and soldiers in wartime hospital is life "umbrella", to seize the opportunity of reform of the army, outstanding service for the army, on the battlefield, adjust the configuration of medical support force, improve the personnel training mode, improve the medical service level, let the President Xi worry, let the army officers satisfaction. Reporters from the joint exercise command was informed that in the Lianyan process next, will focus on the medical rescue exercise joint command and coordination, earthquake medical rescue the wounded, wounded, disaster prevention and evacuation of three-dimensional medical unit operations overseas and self protection, and actively explore the humanitarian emergency medical rescue operations overseas and jointly organized the implementation of rules, patterns and methods the characteristics of.相关的主题文章: