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The dean of the Imperial Palace photograph: hope visitors to encourage cultural information to the circle of friends in the north gate of the the Imperial Palace tourist photo external self bar. Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September – 9 (reporter Song Yusheng) – the museum can take pictures, has always been a topic of controversy easily. Museum in the protection of cultural relics, but also to take care of the audience experience. The day before, Dan Jixiang Dean of the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing in an interview with Xinhua reporter said, Beijing the Imperial Palace encourages taking pictures in the no damage to cultural relics, let the audience as much as possible to take cultural information in the exhibition hall, but does not allow the use of flash, tripod and self bar three. In September, the Imperial Palace Museum summer reception end of this month, Monday closed recovery measures. Reporters found that, for tourists to visit the the Imperial Palace, the camera has almost become an integral part of. Reporters came to the north gate of the Imperial Palace Museum, found a lot of tourists out of the Imperial Palace still holding mobile phone, SLR, self bar in brilliant pictures outside. In the Imperial Palace museum entrance, a large number of tourists also take pictures at the gate. Tourists take pictures outside the north gate of the Imperial Palace. Washington reporter Song Yusheng photo taken from the northeast of Mr. Wang with his family to visit the Imperial Palace. He told reporters that the first time a family to the Imperial Palace, it is not easy, must take pictures". Miss Zhang, who went to school in Beijing, is not the first to enter the Imperial Palace. The same day, she deliberately chose a good weather, and her boyfriend to the Imperial Palace is to take pictures". "Looking for a lot of places to take pictures, just want to shoot a ‘the Imperial Palace’ that feeling." Can you take photos in the museum? Whether the photo will be damage to cultural relics? Recently, Dan Jixiang, President of the Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum responded in an interview with Xinhua reporter in. Tourists take pictures outside the gate of the Imperial Palace. In new network reporter Song Yusheng photo he told reporters, the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, "two things cannot be used when taking photos, a flash, a tripod is three". He said that the prohibition of the use of flash is because there is indeed a damage to cultural relics". "If you use flash, others in the collection of cultural relics may also be subject to interference." Instead of using the three tripod, because of "space", "the use of three foot pictures may also be commercial use". In addition, he also mentioned that in Beijing the Imperial Palace, if you want to enter the exhibition hall is not allowed to use the self timer. Because of fear of injury to the cultural relics and other viewers". According to reports, the the Imperial Palace Museum in 2015 has made it clear that no visitor is allowed to take the self bar to enter the museum, that it may touch the other participants or threaten the safety of cultural relics. In addition to the flash and three tripod, said Shan Jixiang, the the Imperial Palace in Beijing "is usually allowed to take pictures". The museum is also encouraged not to hurt the premise of the cultural relics, the audience as much as possible to take away the cultural relics information, bring their families, to the circle of friends. This is also a kind of communication." (end)相关的主题文章: