The Imperial Palace heritage hospital next month to display the process of cultural relics repair-tianbi

The Imperial Palace heritage hospital, next month open excavations – repair process Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on November 5th news (reporter Du Ximeng) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang recently revealed that this year the the Imperial Palace open area ratio has reached 76%, December 26th will officially open the the Imperial Palace cultural relics display cultural relics hospital. Repair process. Shan Jixiang said that the Imperial Palace relics hospital is the conservation technology of display area, it is from the end of 2014 to start construction. After the completion of the building is 361 meters in length, is also the world’s largest cultural relics repair center, which will be open to the public as a regular exhibition venue. Dan Jixiang introduction, heritage restoration is an important project of the Imperial Palace heritage conservation. The Imperial Palace is a cultural relic Masters had 7 months to repair a lacquer. Because of the need to brush lacquer paint more than and 100 times a day, up to two times the usual brush in the wet season, only one day to brush again, he wants people to approach the restoration of cultural relics. After the restoration of cultural relics, the Imperial Palace can show more boutique. According to reports, the the Imperial Palace Museum has a total of 1807558 pieces of cultural relics, require frequent maintenance and repairing for salvage. The conservation technology exhibition area named "hospital", is to let the whole society to understand the cultural relic is a scientific process, this is like patients in hospital. Shan Jixiang said, the Imperial Palace will continue to expand the opening area. To achieve this goal, the future will clean up, open 51 thousand square meters of unreasonable use of the site, and the reasonable layout of the staff.相关的主题文章: