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The international price of zinc to benefit from the prospect of speculative buying demand and Chinese Sohu financing remittance network September 21st News – Tuesday (September 20th) the international zinc prices fell in the first two weeks after second days of continuous rise, aided by speculators betting on the supply shortage will now, and will be expected Chinese growth on the industry demand for metals. Zinc is the London Metal Exchange (LME) the best performance of the metal, the price index rose 2.2%, to $2300 per ton, up 1.6% on Monday. Zinc is also the most favored by investors this year, LME metals, so far this year rose by 43%, because some of the zinc mine was shut down. Marex Spectron broker Dee Perera said, "usually through computer program management of speculative fund commodity trading advisors are active buyers on Monday and Tuesday, but some analysts worry about whether the recent zinc recovery rally ready." Standard Chartered analyst Nicholas Snowdon said in a statement, further clearing long positions is possible, but once the Chinese refined zinc imports rebounded, zinc prices will rise again. China’s refined zinc production decreased by 2.8% in August, due to the decline in processing costs of smelting plants, indicating that they will import more refined zinc. Lead rose 1.4%, at $1981, the highest since May 2015. LME nickel rose 1.6%, to $10310, on Monday rose by 4.4%, due to the results of this week’s environmental audit is expected to release, there will be more Philippines mine was shut down. China has increased imports of nickel ore, which has more than 1 million 500 thousand tons of stock, the highest since last October. Tin rose 0.7%, to close at $19475, copper rose by 0.4% to $4793, aluminum fell by 0.4% to $1577. LME three month zinc hour chart相关的主题文章: