The Kuomintang forbade nuclear disaster to transport food against the DPP Pro Japan – in the new net puritans pride

The Kuomintang forbade nuclear disaster: to transport food against the DPP Pro Japan "- Beijing China Taiwan news network November 14th Taiwan’s" Executive Yuan "to the Japanese food transport station held a public hearing, but light over war, let the blue camp find the focus of struggle. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu 13, said that the Kuomintang will not easily let nuclear disaster food into Taiwan, the KMT would fight the ruling party "Pro Japan", called for grassroots solidarity and cooperation together to strive for Taiwan. According to reports, the New Taipei City Women’s department director, Mr Chen Yijun said, the KMT Central Committee provides "the DPP has anti nuclear, but now open nuclear disaster food" and "hearing 3 days 10 rush", "Japanese food transport station hearing name mislead the people" and other information, hope the grassroots stand out on the expression of nuclear disaster food concerns. The KMT Central Committee also through the communication software forwarding counties hearing the message, to encourage the county councilors stand out, but because of the Taiwan authorities of the Executive Yuan announced the hearing time is too short, too late to say the county Party headquarters posts and mobilization, many members of the public hearing recently to protest is to go to. The ruling Kuomintang county all statement on nuclear disaster food strictly, the new North mayor Zhu Lilun, has taken the lead position against nuclear disaster food imports, he said that if the DPP authorities should open up new Taipei city will check with the most stringent standards, the import of Japanese food if people have doubts, don’t buy food. Nantou County Magistrate Lin Mingzhen also said that the ruling Kuomintang County stance, not welcome the nuclear disaster concerns food transport station. Hsinchu County Health Secretary Yin Dong said that if the Fukushima nuclear disaster food to Taiwan, Hsinchu will strengthen the sampling, check areas marked, to see to the highest standards. (Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: