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The man into the dormitory to raise drug money 16 stolen mobile phone Sohu – China Daily News (intern reporter Wang Rong) with a pair of students like, mixed with a Xianyang college student dormitory, 6 consecutive days at the theft of mobile phone a total of 16, involving nearly 30 thousand yuan. September 6th at 4 am, just stolen to the song of the three phones were arrested by the police. September 1st to 5, Shaanxi Industrial Vocational College student dormitory consecutive cases of mobile phone theft cases. Video display, September 1st at 3:19 in the morning, there was a man in the dormitory, he went to the corridor at the end of return to enter the dormitory, after a minute and out of the dormitory door, wearing clothes hat, bow down. Six consecutive days of surveillance video, you can see the man in the morning to 6 when the student dormitory 3. In this regard, Xianyang Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron Weicheng Wenhui filed investigation. September 6th at 4 am, just to steal the phone was waiting for a long time, the police arrested the man in the three. Under questioning, the man surnamed song, 27 years old this year, Chunhua, a history of drug abuse. Song explained, August 30th 3 in the morning, he work in Shaanxi Vocational College South Gate of an Internet cafe to go back to the hotel after a short cut from the south gate to the north gate of the school. In the meantime, he found that two of school students also have no inquiries, to return to the dormitory and management personnel. Wait until the second day, he thought the school had just started school, lax management, then in the morning with the school students into the boys dormitory. "They may have me as a student." Song said he went on the four floor, to see a closed door will go inside to take away the student’s cell phone, the phone will be sold for drugs. At present, the song has been Weicheng jingfangxingju, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: