The man suspected of fraudulent use of identity cards to the 24 thousand decision I do owe bank card foldercure

The man suspected of fraudulent use of identity cards to the 24 thousand decision I do owe bank card – Beijing – "inexplicable surprise he owed bank ‘credit card debt" 24 thousand yuan "track – Fuzhou evening news reporter Yan Wei? Has never handled a bank credit card, Bank of communications, the Ministry of justice has received a call reminder calls, said the credit card was overdraft 24 thousand yuan. In July 28th, the newspaper reported the public Mr. Ruan said the identity of the suspect was fraudulent card. The day before, the bank responded that after investigation, credit cards and my high similarity will be through legal channels to resolve the matter. According to Mr. Ruan introduced 4 years ago, he had lost his identity card, the bank credit card is for the second half of 2012, the amount of 24 thousand yuan. The credit card transaction records, including repayment of bills, a number of bank loans, etc., have nothing to do with him. Mr. Ruan query credit records found that since 2012, it has been used his identity information to apply credit card to a number of banks, including Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank of Fujian Strait, the ICBC and the Bank of communications, Bank of communications, but only to the "cards" in the form of application for success. The day before, bank credit card center and contact Mr. Ruan, Mr. Ruan said the credit card is a bank for expatriates, photographs and I are very similar. Mr. Ruan felt incredible, repeatedly proposed to check the card to fill out the application materials and photos, but the Credit Card Center staff did not agree. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the relevant staff of Bank of communications Fuzhou branch, the staff confirmed again conveyed the reply to the survey of Credit Card Center, Mr. Ruan said in reply: customer application information is the true information of themselves and their relatives, provide card materials for all I. Credit Card Center check card scene photographs, photo and customers are very similar. After the issuance of the card, there are records of consumption and repayment. The bank credit card center after a comprehensive judgment, determine the customer credit card for my application, I need to bear the debt, the follow-up will be through legal channels to resolve the matter. Reporters contacted the bank said it would like to see the relevant office card material has also been rejected, the relevant personnel once again stressed that the judicial solution". "I’m willing to through legal channels, to prove it did not apply for a credit card." Mr. Yuen said. Fujian Fujian LLP Lin Baidong lawyer said, from the laws and regulations that no relevant provisions in a similar dispute, the bank must be related to the audit materials show to customers, but said from the reason, he suggested that banks produce relevant materials. He also suggested that consumers solve the problem through legal channels.相关的主题文章: