The man suspected of ripening tomato traders buy revealed that one trick (video)-97179

The man suspected of ripening tomato traders buy tomatoes which revealed Maoni high nutritional value, rich in vitamins, is one of the fruits and vegetables, we eat tomatoes on the market but, but people do not worry. Members of the public to reflect on us, feel that they buy tomatoes, a problem, in the end how is it? People said that these are themselves from the supermarket and farmers market to buy, after the cut and found other meals are not the same, originally internal edges have a golden tomato seed, but now the tomatoes, in addition to the appearance of red, which either solid hard, or a piece of white, not sweet tastes sour. Mr. Lai suspects that these tomatoes are not very good. No seeds, white, hard, these tomatoes really can not eat? Subsequently, the reporter also came to the supermarket shopping, Mr. red. All red tomatoes, put on the shelf eye-catching, but are hard to pinch. Supermarket staff, tomatoes are cooked, take it like this. Why do not mature tomatoes, white hair and hair, the staff can not say. Then, the reporter went to Suzhou’s largest tomato wholesale base to understand the situation. The reporters found that most of the market traders are seedless tomatoes, in addition to the same hard, white flesh, and a strange looking tomatoes, green or green, long hair deformity, some tomatoes and a small tomato, the whole looks are bulging, and this looks like tomatoes more like a pumpkin. Traders can say that such a long time to preserve tomatoes, but also a good variety. So, what exactly are these tomatoes? The news from a wholesaler was shocking. Traders said the market more than a decade ago has not ripened tomatoes, but later ripening tomatoes came, no one so it is natural to ripe, now no matter what season, farmers want what time it is red, when what is red, but ripener more and more easily deformed. Experts believe that naturally matured tomatoes are rich in tomato seeds, flesh and appearance are red. The tomato seeds, white flesh, stiff, and ripener’s use of the. Experts said, according to the provisions of the state normal amount of use of ripener, will not have effect on the human body, but improper use will be a problem, people often eat tomatoes will exceed the standard hormone can cause diarrhea, blood type of disease. Experts remind that the ripening of tomatoes with bright colors, some skin will appear red and blue; the naturally matured tomatoes soft, and ripening tomatoes feel very hard; in addition, the tomato break, tomatoes ripened grain yellow, red meat, more juice, and ripening tomato skin is green or red seed, no long seed, eat no sweet and sour feeling. Extended video: beware of the persimmon can not eat persimmon ripening net in Fuzhou traders injection (video has nothing to do with the original, for extended reading) search相关的主题文章: