The Mid Autumn Festival or heaven a new network China space dream – classical interest in easeljs

The Mid Autumn Festival or "heaven": Chinese space dream – classical interest in news agency in Beijing on 16 September, Xinhua (reporter Liang Xiaohui) Temple No. two, in the mid autumn festival day launch, whether it intends to fit with the "Moon" and a series of classical elements? China’s launch team members responded that this is just an interesting coincidence. "The mission and the Mid Autumn Festival is not particularly large," in two, the temple before the launch, deputy director of the Beijing space flight control center Li Jian said. The timing of the launch of the aircraft depends on a number of factors, including the progress of the project, the working conditions of the spacecraft, the spacecraft launch control, etc., there is a set of algorithms, a comprehensive decision on the launch of the window date". However, a series of space missions in China has a special "classical temperament". On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, China announced a number of Chang’e one, two, and the number of the moon, the earth’s image, such as the image of the moon, the beauty of the Mid Autumn Festival has become a classic portrayal of China’s scientific and technological interests of the three. From the single task name, the people imagine as "heavenly palace" Shenzhou; also, both "magical Tianhe boat", and with the Chinese homonym "divine", with strong ethnic characteristics. And last month just off the world’s first quantum science experiment satellite, but also has a strong Chinese history and culture, it was named Mo-tse". Pan Jianwei, chief scientist of the satellite project said to Chinese science sages named, embodies the Chinese cultural self-confidence. He said that Mo-tse can be said to be the first person to carry out optical experiments in the world, a symbol of ancient China’s high-tech". Behind the classical naming, is Chinese to achieve diligently strive after the dream of space ". And this dream depends on the support of some cutting-edge technology hard strength. The Tiangong two space laboratory, loading more than and 10 space application load, "most of this project represents the related science and technology to the international advanced level, is expected to achieve a number of important discoveries in this task, the deputy director of Chinese manned space engineering office, Wu Ping said. These projects, and some even science fiction movies in the scene, such as the use of six months to plant life cycle training. In addition, by observing the gamma ray to further speculate on the evolution of the universe, such as high-end experiments, but also shows that China’s aerospace in the forefront of the direction of the more confident. The outside world also captures the progress of China’s space. Several space science fiction movies this year is very popular, and the space elements are invariably Chinese up on. Oscar winning "gravity", describes the trapped space heroine to return to earth in overcoming hardships and dangers after the story, and she ended up with precisely the Chinese "Tiangong-1". Mars rescue also follow the story, the Chinese spacecraft became trapped in Mars, the protagonist of the life-saving straw". Behind the introduction of science fiction film theme of China, the outside world is the recognition and expectations of China’s scientific and technological strength, I hope China can benefit more space. China is clearly happy to share. "In the future space station mission, China will work with the rest of the world to promote the development of technology for the peaceful use of space for the benefit of all mankind."相关的主题文章: