The modern automobile crisis the Ministry was strike can be sold by car dealers collective defection

The modern automobile crisis: the Ministry was strike can be sold by dealers [] car collective defection feature of modern automobile crisis in September 20th, the modern Automotive Building is located in Beijing, No. 38 Xiaoyun road in the 30 modern authorized 4S shop investors, general manager and other representatives together held a collective protest. Due to the manufacturers to raise the wholesale price, do not provide the standard car for their sales and other reasons, the import of modern dealers who are caught in the car can sell situation, resulting in a serious loss. The 30 dealers hope that through the "containment" approach to recover the compensation they deserve. Hyundai official online display sales in China imported a total of nine models, and the interface of journalists in Shanghai Minhang a modern exhibition hall to see the import only fly, Rui, Tiens, genesis four lattice models. Familiar with modern import car of the industry told reporters in the interface, see the Nantong situation worse, the exhibition hall only three models on display, "and really be able to buy a car, only to fly." It is understood that the car belongs to the country’s four Freescale emission standards, not up to the requirements of the new country of five, so almost No one shows any interest in. In fact, in 2012 before the import of Hyundai had to rely on to win this model has a good sales performance, the car contributed to the import of modern 80% sales. In 2012 after the victory of the domestic, the performance of modern dealers began to decline. The industry insiders told the news reporter, the import of modern dealers have also been asked to sell the damaged car in the Tianjin port explosion, and the distribution of the country’s four standard vehicle sales tasks. For this batch of explosion accident damaged vehicles, Hyundai said in a statement released by the official website of the incident is located in the center of the explosion outside the 1008 vehicles, there are only minor scratches or external parking caused by foreign body falls to damage the surface part of the defect, function and safety performance of vehicles, the quality standard after the repair to modern cars imported cars the. A number of store sales, losses continued to expand, the import of modern dealers playing drums. Public data show that the number of dealers in modern China has the highest number of imports reached 79. 2014 to date, these dealers to maintain more than 10 annual rate of return. In the remaining 41 of the existing imports of modern dealers, the dealer joined the establishment of the spontaneous import of modern automobile dealers nationwide Rights Committee of the 29". In June this year, the organization called for the compensation of the modern China, the Commission of each one of the 136 million yuan in the import of modern dealers and asked to return to the network, no longer sell imported modern cars. Interface news reporter contacted the modern Chinese public relations director Wu Yanbing, he said: at present, China’s auto market has produced some changes. For example, industrial policy began to encourage the localization, miniaturization, new energy development." Therefore, the large displacement of imported cars will certainly be affected, but we are also actively adjust". Data show that in 2015 China’s imports of car sales fell 25% this year, also fell, so far has nearly consecutive months of imports of auto sales fell in. This phenomenon theory相关的主题文章: