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The National Day holiday 7 days, the capital of the business accounted for over 6 billion yuan – Finance – original title: National Day holiday 7 days, the capital of the business accounted for over 6 billion yuan Beijing, October 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) Beijing holiday consumption has always been underestimated, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce 7 bulletin data show that the 7 day of the National Day holiday. The monitoring of 120 key business services enterprises 7 days cumulative sales of 6 billion 30 million yuan (RMB, same below), an increase of 7.7%. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, holiday 7 days, the city’s consumer goods market is active, grain, vegetables, pork and other necessities market supply adequate, stable supply. The Department of Commerce and enterprises to use the "golden nine silver ten" season of consumption and National Day holiday business, held in Beijing international delicacy exchange, fourth Beijing Huimin cultural consumption season and other activities, the delicacy exhibitions and cultural performance, spending to stimulate the enthusiasm of people. With the popularity of mobile payment and its convenience has become a consumer keen to pay, this year, a number of commercial enterprises innovative marketing methods to carry out targeted promotional activities. The major commercial enterprises through its WeChat public number issued to consumers and the envelopes, gift certificates, Alipay, WeChat and other payment consumers give additional concessions, successfully attracted a large number of consumers. "Save time and effort and fun" one-stop consumption is popular with the public. Shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment, parenting and other functions in one of the shopping center and outlets to attract a large number of people. Jin Yuan MALL, new Yansha Aotelaisi enterprises such as an increase in sales of more than 10%. National Day is the home improvement spending season, the capital of various household goods stores, home appliance retail enterprises, many appliance manufacturers have to carry out major efforts to promote sales, many corporate sales grew by more than 10%. During the holidays, wedding related products such as gold and silver jewelry consumption is relatively concentrated, Caishikou department store gold and silver jewelry sales increased by 16.7%. The wedding banquet, dinner, travel…… The National Day holiday, the capital of many well-known restaurants in attendance of more than 90%, some even a hard to find. In order to attract more consumers, time-honored catering enterprises launched seasonal dishes, such as chicken soup, the hongbinlou assorted mushrooms in casserole casserole in mushroom soup stewed chicken, and a smooth cold eat sheep neck were affected by the diners. The network ordering in the holidays are more popular with consumers, more than APP ordering orders increased significantly. According to statistics, cheap square, Qingfeng baozi Pu, Meizhou Dongpo restaurant and other catering enterprises turnover rose more than 10%. (end) (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: