The National Day holiday Changsha Exhibition – Hunan boom lift reading channel seaway

The National Day holiday Changsha Exhibition – Hunan boom lift reading channel Plum Creek Academy on the third floor of the sunken reading area most popular, come to read the children’s love. Wang Zhiwei taken 7 day National Day holiday, some people choose to "journey", some people choose to read books". Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of bookstores in Changsha found that the number of stores during the holiday season is usually three or four times. Go to the bookstore to spend holiday leisure time, buy a few good books to recharge their own, has become a new way for the people of Changsha holiday. Star City greatly small exhibition, also let the people at home can enjoy "sit in on line eighty thousand in the" cultural experience. Reading atmosphere thick, "charge" is still rampant in the holiday Dingwangtai Hunan book city is located in the Hunan library and Yao Ling, a long time is the two "Star City fans reading the sacred heart". Hunan book city people sat on the floor, Shoubushijuan scene at the beginning to make foreigners amazed, and a hard to find in the reading room of Hunan library is not lost sight of the waiting room during the spring festival. In recent years, with the entity bookstore Changsha general branch library in the city of the people in the book love blossom everywhere, the holiday also has a more extensive selection. Yesterday morning at 10, the reporter saw at the Mei Mei college, there are a group of friends in the election of children, reading. Whether adults or children, after a selection of their love books have sat on the floor, in your reading. Although the number of stores, but very quiet. This year, the primary school grade three is a small young readers. He told reporters that this is his National Day holiday, the second and his family came here. He and many kids like the love Bookstore two floor of the sunken reading area, pick two books a bookshelf can be beside, a look that is a morning. Small Austrian mother Liu told reporters, holidays with children to the bookstore, in addition to giving the child’s cultural influence, the mother and the child pick the book, the book is also a good parent-child interaction experience. In the bookstore, such as the Hisense store, Bookstore Bookstore Hiromichi Singh Sahib Sipho and Sanders 24 hours bookstore, also have high popularity. Sisyphus Bookstore relevant responsible person told the reporter, comfortable environment, comprehensive services, so that customers not only to read, also easy to take a book, to complete the transaction. The volume of transactions during the festival is more than twice as usual. Voice: Sprite -sprite- @ – if I could sit on the floor, as long as you are happy, you deserve the Plum Creek academy. "Young girl Zuo Yi: Changsha library environment is very comfortable, a lot of books, as well as a very comfortable chair, warm sunshine, I think I can stay in the house one day. Digital library Changsha according to statistics, from October 1st to 6, the museum library copies of 30625 copies, 25072 copies of copies for return over the same period, the loan amount is significantly higher than the amount of the book. The exhibition exhibition is everywhere, regardless of the size of the distinctive Changsha Museum, Changsha Jiandu Museum as the representative of the museum exhibition, visit the main object is the public holiday. )相关的主题文章: