The new network dating site of overseas Chinese female white-collar fraud posing as tens of

Many dating websites posing as white-collar fraud overseas Chinese woman – tens of thousands of dollars in new network through the chat for Chinese women’s trust, the fabrication of false investment opportunities, cheat each other money. Recently, Fujian city procuratorate on suspicion of fraud will Lin Zhongyang, Lin Zhihong, and the arrest of the arrest of the approval of the president of the Longhai. In May this year, Lin Yang Zhong by fellow Li Ming (handled separately) to recruit the implementation of online fraud in network part-time name. Lin Zhongyang feel profitable, but also to pay for the bait will be Lin Zhihong, together with the help of the call of Lin Zhicong. Lin Zhongyang and others posing as a white-collar company in Hongkong, a securities company, through social software and Malaysia and Taiwan and other places of Chinese women chat with each other to establish a relationship between men and women friends. After the Lin Zhongyang a tune, Lin Zhihong after another Chinese woman cheat Zhongmou and hung a favor, to provide them with the company’s so-called "internal investment plan", defrauding the other 2.6 million U.S. dollars, after obtaining Commission 6500 yuan. Lin Zhicong modeled on Taiwan area, cheat woman liaomou $10 thousand, after the Commission 7800 yuan. Because has not seen the return of investment, but also "boyfriend" in fraud succeeded disappeared, the victim alarm, Lin Yang Zhong and other three people arrested. (Lin Zhinan & Su Shaopeng, Ou Xinrui)相关的主题文章: