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The office of the State Office: treat petitioners bad attitude simply can be accountable – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Meng Yaxu) recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "implementation of the responsibility system" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The approach proposed to treat the masses of letters and visits bad, simple and crude, resulting in serious consequences will be accountable. Cadres should listen to listen to the views of the Department of the measures requirements, leading cadres at all levels should read the letters and letters from the masses, regular reception of the masses, the coordination of complex and difficult to deal with the problem of letters and visits. The party and government organs at all levels should be included in the petition work schedule, regularly listened to work reports, analysis of the situation, study and solve important problems in the work, from the human and material resources to ensure the work smoothly; should the petition work into the scope of supervision, to the region, the Department, the petition system to carry out the work and responsibility to implement. The organization to carry out a special inspection at least once a year, and in the proper range informed the inspection situation. According to the measures, the local Party committees and governments at all levels in the prevention and treatment of the petition problem in the region has the main responsibility. Vertical management department responsible for the work of the petition system. The State Bureau of letters and visits shall be responsible for the annual assessment of the work of letters and visits in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Party and government organs at all levels should regularly on the region, the Department, the system of letters and visits to assess the situation. As an important reference for the comprehensive evaluation of leading groups and leading cadres. Organization and personnel departments at all levels in the work of cadres, should listen to the views of the petition department to understand the work of leading cadres to fulfill the work of letters and visits. The collective visit caused by inadequate disposal situation to expand the "measures" to be accountable to the staff of leading cadres, party and government organs at all levels and does not perform or failed to fulfill its responsibilities under the provisions cited a total of 6 should be held responsible for the situation, namely: first, dereliction of duty due to poor decisions, and damage the interests of the masses, the resulting problems, causing serious consequences; second, not in accordance with the provisions of accepting, assigning and transferring and handling of petitions, or performing petitions handling opinions, serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the masses; third, in violation of discipline of the masses, to be resolved in the legitimate aspirations of the masses to cope with the negative, buck passing, or treat the petition the bad attitude, simple and crude, harm to the party and the masses, causing serious consequences; fourth, to The collective visits or letters and negative public opinion disposal ineffective, leading to worsening of the situation, causing adverse effects; fifth, the petition department proposed the improvement work, improve policies and give punishment suggestions such as inadequate attention, poor implementation, leading to long-term unresolved problems; sixth, the other should be held responsible for dereliction of duty default case. Take informed, admonishing, organization adjustment way accountable for the above 6 situations how accountable? "Approach" also be clear. Collective responsibility for the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the main person in charge of the leadership team and the person in charge directly responsible for the main leadership responsibility to participate in the decision-making and other members of the team to assume important leadership responsibilities. In addition, the wrong decision or behavior.相关的主题文章: