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The old man died away the nanny 900 thousand deposit two people claiming to be husband and wife original title: Seventy nurse department claiming children moved its stepmother employer petitioned the information times dispatch (reporter Wei Huihui) Guangzhou, an old Bogang died, accompanied by 20 years of nanny aunt took him 900 thousand weeks to deposit. The old man of the children want to recover the heritage, and the nanny to court, she moved out of the old house to my father. But the more than and 70 year old aunt Zhou said that the existence of the fact that the marriage of the old two, she is not a nanny stepmother, do not want to spend the rest of the property in the old house. Recently, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court for the nanny to make a final decision on the case of the case, that Aunt Zhou has not been recognized by the statutory procedures to enjoy the right to inheritance, within two months of the discretion to move out of the house. Seventy aunt: 20 years to take care of the elderly is non nanny stepmother according to Mr. Sun’s old father uncle died in March 2014, was by a week long aunt at home to take care of two old, later moved to the sports west house. However, after the death of man, the house property right is Mr. Sun, Zhou aunt was asked to move out of the house. Zhou aunt that she has in fact marriage relationship with the uncle, the house is one of the legal successors. According to Zhou aunt said she and uncle since 1994 January has been living together as husband and wife, which had moved several times, two people of husband and wife for many years also has suffered from various illnesses, but they always never abandon. She also said that the past 20 years, although the man has repeatedly put forward to receive a marriage certificate, but due to lack of legal consciousness, and is a good attitude and Mr. Sun has been deceived, she did not receive a marriage certificate. In spite of this, Zhou aunt said she and uncle has always been in the name of husband and wife in the relatives and friends, even before the man in the unit, and in the name of husband signed a variety of documents for each other. Now, she has no intention of competing for any property, just want to spend the rest of her life in this old house has been living for more than 10 years. Zhou aunt said, Mr. Sun and sister had a verbal commitment, she can live in the old house to live. However, Zhou aunt said that she could not put substantial evidence that Mr. Sun and promise, and because Uncle common living as husband and wife for 20 years, just for old age, regardless of the house is not money licensing in mind, so there is no effort to the sun to keep the evidence recording sweet sister. Employer’s children: deny the fact that the marriage with his father, however, mr.. They said the prosecution, Zhou aunt fabrications marriage, is to occupy the house. The December 21, 2013 sun old man was still alive, Zhou aunt told them to send text messages clearly to admit that he is a nanny. Moreover, China’s marriage law does not have the provisions of the marriage, they have never agreed to the use of housing, or care for her pension. Mr. Sun said, Zhou aunt uncle died in 33 days will be 907 thousand yuan deposit of the sun old man into his personal account, in July 21, 2014 to produce their own commitments in claiming to be in August 5th of the same year before the 807 thousand yuan to return to them, but made so far did not fulfill the.相关的主题文章: