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The one hundred thousand why: why can a thousand years old? Aloha, your little partner old driver ~ to the current "one hundred thousand why" column time! In this issue of the program, the mother will continue to raise some questions about ACG, give the brain hole open answer! If the end of the show and what you want to discuss the topic, please do not hesitate to put forward in this forum, the penguin Niang may be in the future in the column to give answers yo ~Q300. why 1000 years old can easily host? Source: "girl questions numbering" hard index analysis assumes events: October this year although some lack of highly visual impact of the "100% hegemony", but with the topic of the works or be able to count out of a few. The name of "exposing shady industry" under the banner of the "girl" the number can lead to the majority of people eat melon discussion. Priority among priorities of the works of female Lord KARASUMA chitose is everyone’s attention, but is different from other works in the strength and the development prospects of the protagonist for discussion, wuwan thousand year old lady, a house they want to know is why more like her "new sound" to be so "easy to host"? Answer: Well, that is usually the penguin Niang not love wearing tainted glasses evaluation of others, but for thousands of years old lady, at least the industry reputation are similar, is nothing more than a "cute adorable moron careerist subtly malicious," this kind of. From the "girl" number of plot development, as college students (appearance does not look like it’s a thousand years old) for voice this work and no god horse interest, and also lack the necessary knowledge of cognition for the industry. In spite of the personality to get dizzy with success, when the voice training performance is acceptable (plot), but the performance of the real into the industry was very bad, this kind of supporting only get such as "have postpartum depression Gorilla" supporting – however, as the story unfolds with her rather baffling won the "Kowloon king and 1000 Princess" year one of the heroine in the opportunity, but at least from the early performance of rod reading still (later improved), really is not a great development prospects of the outstanding newcomer. We all know that the Japanese seiyuu industry for women in particular new couple quite brutal, so that thousands of years acting, personality, origin is not outstanding newcomers can successfully host some really fantastic. But after chatting with my colleagues is 1000 years old to Touyunnaozhang Shuabing expression package, Penguin mother suddenly have the answer: thousands of years old is superior, because she is a completely mobile expression package! As we all know, with the rise of online chat and social media, expression has become an indispensable form of communication in the network. The text will be a bit thin in emotional expression, if combined with some vivid expressions, Guadan text instantly will be "smart", is full of feelings, do not have meaning. As the prosperous "three Asian giants" series of expression and so on, under the vast number of users of the tap water popularization, from the moment the home community spread to the general people of the world, becoming the world’s people loved the emotional expression. This is a good way to understand the secrets of success相关的主题文章: