The payment can be divided into national assets More than 10 thousand people were involved in the

The payment can be divided into national assets "? The more than 10 thousand people fooled involving billion – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported recently, Huainan City, Datong District Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud suspect Hwang (Fujian), Wang (Tianjin) and other 18 people arrested. It is reported that Hwang, Wang et al. To fabricate the dragon, such as the international hypocrisy of national assets thaw and other projects for fraud, involving more than and 30 provinces, municipalities, more than ten thousand victims, involving more than one hundred million yuan. The payment can be divided into national assets in May this year, Zhang Shouxian County is playing with WeChat, a stranger pulled into a "Wudang Mountains Beijing charity" WeChat group. The WeChat group has more than and 400 people, the main group every day will recommend some money project, and a red head file with the official seal of the confirmed price ranging from tens of dollars to a million yuan, the main commitment of these projects will have a high income and zero risk, the members of the group are extremely active while there are hundreds of unread messages. These projects include "a fee of 1100 yuan, to become the city’s membership, etc. China lost in a huge amount of property in 48 countries after thawing, each city’s membership will get a sum of money and fly as long as 1 dollars and other privileges." "Become the dragon company domestic original shareholders invested 3600 yuan can get 10 million yuan, Nanning City, housing, cars from the United States Citibank a thaw, each month will receive 15 thousand yuan living expenses" etc.. Zhang didn’t believe, but the thought of these projects have a national red tape to testify, should not be false, tempted to continue the purchase price 1100 yuan of the "three city project", the price of 3600 yuan of "Dragon International Project", the price of 139 yuan of "precise poverty alleviation project 46, unit 13 the" foreign currency into RMB transfer fee more than and 100 copies, a total cost of 2.5 yuan. No return but also believe that Zhang did not think that all of this is a scam, the so-called national assets are an excuse to make up the myth of the artist. As early as the first half of this year, the public security organs have embarked on an investigation of the fraud gang. Due to a major case, in June 22nd, the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau will be the case investigation clues transferred to the Huainan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Huainan Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force. It is understood that Zhang in the purchase price of 2800 yuan of "Xi’an charity meeting project", the person in charge of the project said in early June will be held in the international charity conference in Xi’an, will be issued a lot of money to participants, but the period is approaching, responsible person also known because of bad trouble, will not open together, the conference fees 2800 yuan will be used for the next meeting. Although so far did not get a penny gains, but Zhang also believes in its investment projects, in the face of a sudden visit to the police inquiry, Zhang surprised. All items are on the fraud police investigation found that Zhang, he purchases a variety of ways and bank cards, WeChat, Alipay, red net silver, the transfer object is WeChat group administrator danmou. Through the investigation, the police found that stone is only a small fish, his hand tube.相关的主题文章: