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The people of Harbin postal savings bank loans 30 thousand inexplicable fraudulent loans that sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The postal savings bank of Harbin people "reproduction false loans are loans, innocent face disciplinary Legal Daily — Legal Network – Legal Network reporter Cui Dongkai Zhang Chong" for the children to go to school to buy a set of housing down payment to pay, but did not expect loans banbuxialai." Harbin citizens Ms. Jiang Chunli is very worried, because of bad credit records, I apply for a mortgage encounter refused." Bad credit records show that Jiang Chunli has a 30 thousand yuan loan is not timely repayment of the postal savings bank. In fact, Jiang Chunli knew nothing about the loan. Harbin postal savings bank admitted she was fraudulent loans, but more than a month in the past, "bad record" is back in her head, that not for housing loans. The loan "things originated in an amount of 30 thousand yuan of the postal savings bank micro credit is 7 years ago.". The loan contract was signed and executed in August 2009. The contract shows that the lender is China Postal Savings Bank Limited Harbin branch, the borrower is Jiang Chunli. In addition, the contract also has a common borrower Tao Chuanbao, contract records for the spouse of Tao Chuanbao for the. Jiang Chunli said, did not know there is such a postal savings bank loan, Tao Chuanbao is not her spouse. Jiang Chunli and Tao Chuanbao village after contact to them than she imagined the complex. Tao Chuanbao refused to buy high-speed rail tickets, only to find themselves being loans". Jiang Chunli because the "false" loans, not only in the people’s Bank of China have bad credit records, in May 2012 by the postal savings bank Harbin branch sued. After the court announcement served, the default judgment, Jiang Chunli lost. And because the court refused to enforce the court after the entry into force in April this year, was included in the list of dishonest debtor court. Jiang Chunli told the Legal Daily reporters, she also knew nothing about the lawsuit. After marriage, she had not lived in the residence, can not receive a court summons. Ms. Jiang sent a court summons to the courier receipt also says "I am not in". On the same matter absolutely ignorant of there are three "guarantor": Ren Yonghai, Song Weiming, Li Qun, the "false" loans involving five parties except Song Weiming are Village Ping Fang Zhen Shu Guang Hashi cottage area, they are also included in the dishonest debtor list. The bank acknowledged that false loans since then, Ms. Jiang began and the postal savings bank of Harbin branch of tough negotiations. Several times, can not see the leadership of the branch. In July 27th, complaints of the "Legal Daily" reporters follow Jiang Chunli and Tao Chuanbao’s lawyer came to the Harbin branch of the postal savings. A representative of the bank staff to receive quan. The attitude of the banks is that Ms. Jiang et al. Are "false" loans, the bank promised to help eliminate the bad credit record, to help the parties to contact the court to withdraw the court dishonest debtor list, but refused to theory相关的主题文章: