The Potential Problem For Often Being Late-gigolos

Time-Management I believe everyone in workplace has tardy experience, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the fact has been. It should not always be late to find an excuse. There is an old saying: wrong is wrong, no longer guilty, only realize the error can be forgiven. So do not make excuses for yourself late for work, it would only make you be.e more stupid. The theory also goes with broking the Glass Water Bottle. Admit your mistake bravely. Late for work is a .mon phenomenon in the life. Psychologists study found that the reason for being late, some people do have practical difficulties, there is a deeper psychological reasons. For example, young men dating can arrive very early, but after the marriage, marital relations are not good. After work, always look for an excuse to return home late. The same theory goes with working. Employees have interest and enthusiasm on the job, no matter how far the home was, he will over.e difficulties to get up early to ensure punctuality to work. If lack of enthusiasm for work or lack of interest, or have something happened unhappy with the boss or colleagues, the people will be not good at express their dissatisfaction, it is easy to appear inexplicable late or slack unconscious phenomenon. It was called passive attack. This psychological mechanism is using passive negative symbolic way to express dissatisfaction to others. In the daily life, when you are unsatisfied with the family member, some people also use the coffee mug or .anizer Box to work off their anger. As for make excuses psychological, some people just want to find an excuse to avoid the embarrassment and punishment. In their inner heart, they always know the reason for their late. Some people think that the reason for late was due to the objective reasons, not aware of their really reason for late. The psychological conflict in psychology called "rationalization". If the staff is always late, this can see that they do not pay attention to the work. And also this is unfavorable to career development. Always late to find an excuse, like "burying its head in the sand" is just a psychological symptoms to symbolically express and hide his negative attitude to work and leadership. Late does not solve the contradiction with leadership, even make interpersonal worse. If you want to reconcile the relationship, make one coffee with coffee cup sit together to chat with your boss can be more useful. In fact, the usually late does not just late matter, also contains many potential problem, such as the late real reason as mentioned in the text, the people are not warm enough to work. If so, you would take a good introspection, adjust the status for work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: