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family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade paper | Sun Naxin (president of Shanghai City, Wuning Road Primary School) source: Shanghai education, primary school education – the first 1 parents to remember six words every year. The first grade new parents and I will say six words. These six words are done, you even have to be competent mom and dad. These six words are: "waiting for?" parents must have the patience to accompany the child grew up, to accept the reality of child: not all of a sudden quick action, a variety of form good habits, all of a sudden what do — or the parents when a good. "Ask" the children come home from school, to chat with the child, ask the child what happened in the school, let the children feel the care of their parents. Asking is important. Some parents came home from work to play their own mobile phone, never communicate with children. If you work really busy, weekend to accompany the child. Parents must accompany their children grow up, can not be lazy. "Encourage" must be more encouragement to the child, good children are exaggerated. Don’t always compare the child with others, this will only hit the child. These six words are easy to do six years in primary school has been doing is very difficult. 2, primary school parents to do three things in primary school, parents should not pay too much attention to children’s academic performance. Compared with academic achievement, there are three things that are more important for parents in primary school. The first important thing: interest in the development of children’s interest is very important, the child is interested in learning to have stamina, no interest in learning on the end. This interest includes both interest in learning and interest outside of learning. When children are small, parents can help children develop one or two kinds of hobbies. Can start a wide range of contacts. It is the responsibility of parents to expose their children to different things, to help them find what they are interested in, and to encourage them to persevere. Second important things: habit is a reasonable arrangement of time habits, the two is the habit of listening to class, and the three is the habit of independent reading thinking. From teaching for so many years, if I come into contact with the excellent children have a common characteristic, that is: like reading. Reading can not only promote the study of Chinese, but also promote the improvement of the overall quality of a child, and enhance his / her understanding of the world. Children’s reading habits are to rely on their parents to develop, and this habit is very useful for children to grow up after a lifetime benefit. Parents should remember that in the development of a new habit of children, new interests, parents are to sacrifice some of their own time to rest, entertainment time. Parents must accompany their children grow up, can not be lazy. In the initial stage of learning career, it is necessary for parents to accompany their children to do their homework, a month fast, slow two months to help children develop good habits and then let go. Painting相关的主题文章: