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The same handicap: Manchester City the same handicap unsettled Bayern lose disc different teams have different ability to get the ball. Different bets represent different strength gap. So, what the team in which bets, benefited in every way? What are the giants, in which bets, frequently slip up? The same historical position, to the Macao "as the standard, from the previous team bets performance, with practical reference for you. (Win: W; D; transport disc: disc: L) dynamic Macao handicap European odds Sina instant lottery channel start time against the history of the history of chupan aocai odds odds 22:00 on the 29 day (Saturday) 01 Manchester United   VS  LWW LLW 29, Burnley ball half 22:00 (Saturday) 02 middle   VS  Bourne DLW DDD 29 22:00 Mao tie (Saturday) 03 Tottenham   VS  Lecce city DWD LLW 29 22:00 ball (Saturday) 04 Waterford   VS  a WWW WWL on the 29 day Hull City 22:00 (Saturday) 05   VS& nbsp; West Brom; Manchester City by a ball half WWW LLL the 30 day (Sunday) 06 Crystal Palace 00:30   VS  Liverpool WWW WWL 21:30 by half a 29 day (Saturday) 07 Oswald   VS  Bayern LWL LLL 29 21:30 half ball (Saturday) 08 Mainz   VS  Gore half ball LLW LLL 21:30 on the 29 day (Saturday) 09 Damm   VS  Leipzig WLW WWL 21:30 by half a day 29 (Saturday) 10 Wolf   VS  LLL LWW; Le Wo by Pingban 21:30 on the 29 day (Saturday) 11 Bremen   VS  LWL WLW 30, 00:30 Freiburg Pingban (Sunday) more than and 12   VS  a ball half WLL WWL Schalke 30 00:00 (Sunday) 13 BOLONI   VS  LLW WLL; Florence by Pingban 02:45 on the 30 day (Sunday) 14 Ewing   VS  then, a WLW WLW相关的主题文章: