The ship anchored made sin, infringing article company to compensate the nrf905

The ship anchored made sin, infringing article company to compensate the speaking of those things ship Guakao, brother head ache, a word — too messy! It is a name, a title by. The ship anchored, different from the Shipping Co Management (this is to encourage the country to advocate, is to say the boat boatman) hanging in someone else’s name, on the surface of the ship is the company or by the company, but in fact the affiliated company in addition to the money, what is not dry (single finger operations). The affiliation of ship company is with shipping qualification of shipping companies, Shipping Co or logistics company (usually in the name of a river in the sea water ah ah what). Arguably, they play their own home ship does not have to die, why don’t ever break at hanging names, like the whole dirty bitch drop, the reason is in the two words "quality". Of course, you can also choose from point not affiliated, I open a shipping company to allow others to hang you, but can not be "a shipping qualification class" students can get down to the whole. Even if you lose the wife of another soldier of the qualification run down, you have to pull a brother to take care, in addition to the business tax payable in Hong Kong maritime supervision, think also drunk. This article is not to solve the problem of ship Guakao, we eat drainage oil life too much heart not spicy. Brother just to chat in the name of the right separation under the condition of the ship out of trouble Zezheng? The ship hit a dead man’s loss, the affiliated company should pay? Please buddies up well to cough, dry cargo. Maritime disputes may be roughly divided into two categories, tort and contract, the corresponding "maritime disputes" and "maritime disputes". Maritime disputes are usually not capsize dead arm broken leg case, such as collision, personal injury and other disputes handled by the maritime Tribunal (general maritime judges are not willing to go); maritime is usually owe the default case, by the maritime court and court (two separate lives nobody willing to go to trial, such as sea freight), marine insurance, ship construction disputes and so on, which accounted for the vast majority of the maritime court case. Why say first maritime cases distinguish Nigeria, because of the limited space, this article only discuss problems bear tort liability under maritime disputes, the thing I say. If you are a lawyer, you engage in sinful boat parties to death or disability, loss of the parties make you miserable, the first thing you need to do is to clear the ship is not a ship anchored in the case. If there are 37, first leave two hundred and fifty, put them to a full breakfast, then we do not withdraw (after all, withdrawal is I say, if you want to have an additional defendant to the maritime judge talk). The maritime court will make the actual ship owner and affiliated companies jointly and severally liable, before the sea around the hospital in practice is not the same, but as involving personal case, the general contractor will be jointly and severally liable for damages, so a urine bag hanging waist because the parties get compensation to the court for you every day. This judgment was opposed by some scholars and judges, the shipping industry is a long time to suppress the fire did not place the hair, the grounds of its opposition in accordance with the operation and control of the operation of the interests of the theory. At this moment the 6 big buddy.相关的主题文章: