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"The sky fire" scheduled November 25th   explosion; new year – Liaoning Channel – original title: "the burning Daniel Wu fighting towering fire" scheduled November 25th the explosive new year fight Daniel Wu original title: "the sky fire" scheduled November 25th Daniel Wu Tiexue fight explosion of new year’s film "raging fire" fixed gear posters in October 14th, directed by the famous director Daniel Wu, producer Zhou Qiliang Lam, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo, Chang Hsiao Chuan starred in the blockbuster "raging fire" action crime, exposure of a fixed gear trailer and a new lineup of posters, announced a high-profile film will be released in November 25th. "The sky fire" after many years of careful preparation for the Polish director Ringo Lam, stimulate blood Chinese version called the degree of "speed and passion". In the latest release of this material, "Daniel Wu led the men of God who have the creative team debut, shooting speed, melee lens stirring, people instantly adrenaline burst burst burning is full of wonderful. Daniel Wu strong shock opening force value MAX as the films open high-profile rush "fire" cupola blockbuster Release Trailer Video to the protagonist Zong Tianbao (Daniel Wu ornaments) unusual "memories kill" opening, originally still in the dream sleep, the next second is shot by a sudden switch screen. Force value of MAX’s leading actor Tianbao took the lead, armed to defend the hearts of justice and ideals, to give people a visual and spiritual double shock, the story of the curtain opened on this. In a fire and explosion, the main characters are exposed, loaded, unarmed fight, speed rush shots turns staged, is the final picture too busy to attend to all in the film, "the fuse detonated sky one building shock, watch people. In the release of the fixed gear posters, Daniel Wu led the entire lineup starring debut, all eyes firm and solemn, and the "sky" building with creative DNA code symbols appear, seem to have hidden behind the film reveals a larger conspiracy, far more than the action of crime, so simple, everything wait until after the release of the film in order to see the outcome. In addition, the all star team is highly anticipated, "the strength of God" Daniel Wu after the Hollywood blockbuster "Warcraft" after washing again swept the screen, playing zhengyilinran tough Zong Tianbao, had a leisurely life guards, but because the incident involved in a fight a life-and-death matter. The popularity of "little meat Zhang Ruoyun for the first time to shock the big screen, the trailer of the sentence" I just want to kill my father caught the murderer ", its mystery. While appearing in literary film blockbuster "Taiwan metrosexual man" Chang Hsiao Chuan, also staged a dangerous action scenes in this film, the trailer "jump" eye popping. The thrilling action scenes, whirling relationship between the characters, who is who is the ultimate winner desperado, and make the majority of fans and fans waiting. Daniel Wu Zhang Ruoyun led the high yen value team front melee blow the 2017 Lunar New Year stalls first bugle with "2", "the shivering Voyager" successive action crime film).相关的主题文章: